Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Secret Wars...Here's my problem


Okay, as the Secret Wars thingie rapidly approaches...Hell, it could be here already. I won't make it to a comic shop until the end of May, I keep hearing something.
"Everyone dies."
Really? Are they really dead? If they are, who are these heroes that we have in the Secret Wars? Is the Steve Rogers of Planet Hulk not the Captain America near and dear to my heart. Is every story that has been published by Marvel for the last 75 years meaningless?
Because, if that is the case, while Marvel touts this a perfect jumping on point for readers, it might be the perfect jumping off point for me. There are years and years of Marvel Comics from the past where they didn't feel it was necessary to reinvent the wheel with these mindless event comics.
Maybe I'll just read those instead.
Probably spend less money in the long run.
Yeah, that sounds just fine to this old man.
Thanks for nothing, Marvel.

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