Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Secret Wars? Battle world? No longer worried.

I will admit that I thought this whole direction for Marvel was just going to suck on so many levels. Then this image came to light.

Yes, that is Steve Rogers with his Captain America shield and a battle axe in some place called Planet Hulk and his sidekick is Devil Dinosaur. If ever there needed to be proof of a God it is here in this single image.
Marvel has recently screwed up Captain America in the comics so badly as of late that I haven't bought a Captain America book in about a year. Pretty sad state of affairs for one of Cap's biggest fans.
It seems those dark times are about to end and all will be well with the world.
About damned time, Marvel.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Comic Review Round Up 2/12/15

Missed a week. Sorry about that folks. Also, not as many comic books even with a double dip, but we will get through this together. I am still having issues with the Marvel and DC events that are on their way, but we shall see. Yes, we shall see.
So, let's get started, shall we?


There is no way I'm going to dislike this comic book. Squirrel Girl has always been one of my favorite heroes and this comic is no exception. While Squirrel Girl is trying to get acclimated to college life, her sidekick, Tippy-Toe tells her Galactus is coming and only squirrels know about it. So, while crushing on new guy, Tomas, she manages to infiltrate Stark Enterprises to get her hands on some armor that will get her to the moon. The armor configures around her form so we get cool armor with a huge armored tail. I can not wait to see that put into action next issue. They have to let her clobber something with that thing.
This is such a throwback to when comic books were fun. The little running commentary in the lower margin makes it a book that will work for multiple reads and adds a new layer to the entire comic experience. Unfortunately, she is mistaken by Whiplash for Iron Man and, well that's next issue folks!


Two issues for the price of one! No, not really, I had to buy them both and they both came out around the same time. I think the guys at Fanfare ordered old issues because I complained about missing some issues. Anyway, the psycho twin sisters that can control monsters have their psychic hooks into Battra and sent it to slaughter Mothra. The larva escape to Monster Island  with the tiny little twins. Meanwhile Lord Kakaro of the Cryog has arrived much to Commander Rhizon's dismay and he has released the Trilopods to destroy Godzilla. Meanwhile Battra has arrived on Monster Island to destroy the Mothra larva and all the monsters are ready for battle. To make matters worse, Lord Kakaro has decided that it is time to step up the conquer schedule and release more Trilopods on planet Earth. It is time to conquer!
From the first issue to know I have loved how this comes across as one, huge mega Godzilla movie. All the monsters, a threat that is formidable even to The King of Monsters and it just plays like a classic Godzilla. Part of me is sad that the series will be ending soon, but I know that we will get a grand finish that will leave readers breathless for some time to come.


Megan comes to Edward's home and tells him that they have to find Eli. A boy is missing from town and everyone fears the worst. The adults are blaming Edward and he's too afraid to leave his home to help search for the little boy. Meanwhile Eli has secreted the boy in a cave or some place dank and it does not look good for the kid. Now Megan has to find the boy and convince the entire town that Edward has done nothing wrong.
This is such a great sequel to the film. By plunging it many years into the future we get a new perspective on things. The town is still crazy as ever as evidenced by a sign at the police station that reads, 'ON a manhunt! If you have committed a crime, wait here!'. The artwork masks a truly dark tale. There's the end scene with Eli and the boy that can only be described as unsettling which is what we want from something that sprang from the mind of Tim Burton, right?


I admit to never reading this book in any of its previous incarnations. Of the people in the book I only really know who Catman is. I was reading a preview of the second issue online and I really liked it. It is six villains who are rounded up and sealed in a big metal box and dropped in the ocean if the salt water leaking through is any indication. Now they have to solve why they are there and why someone has gone to these lengths to ask a simple question; What Is The Secret?
I like coming into something where I know very little and have a puzzle to solve. This book is doing that for me and is very well written by Gail Simone. The artwork is rough and gritty penciled by Ken Lashley and inked by Lashley with assistance by Drew Geraci.
With the new Convergence we will be experiencing in the very near future it is hard to say what will become of The Secret Six, but I will enjoy it for as long as possible.


Marvel is bringing us Secret Wars in a few months so what better way to go out with a bang than another inter title crossover. In this case it is the mega popular because of the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and The X-Men.
Seems a Celestial was on a planet and refused to let its inhabitants leave. Then it dropped this creepy mirror on the planet that if you submit to it makes you the best you you will ever be.
Yeah, now Starlord's dad has it and he is making mega villains with it and it's up to Starlord and Kitty Pryde to get the item and get it away from Starlord's dad. This brings us to the crossover since we need to figure out a way to get these crazy kids together.,
Yeah, and Gamora figures out this is a good thing so she submits to the Black Vortex. As if she wasn't enough of a bad ass to begin with.
I really like this book. I can use a galactic crossover from time to time. There was that time in the 90s where a  million books with the word 'Infinity' in the title that I actually enjoyed. This is no different. The artwork is gorgeous. The writing makes the assumption you know a lot so you have to work through it and figure out things on your own. Not a great jumping in point for a book, but who cares. Just enjoy it for good, old fashioned comic book fun.


This is part of The Black Vortex story line and the only reason I bought the book. It continues right from where the first issue of The Black Vortex left off. Gamora is now the best Gamora she can be and people trying to hurt her find out the hard way. The Beast decides to jump on the ultimate train and becomes something that looks more like a buff Nightcrawler than The Beast. The two teams argue about whether or not they should use The Black Vortex for good. The Guardians are for it and the X-Men are against it. IN the end they have this awesome two page spread that shows them all at their best. Some are cool concepts, others...meh.
I am interested to see how this resolve itself before Secret Wars begins.
Also, don;t put Howard The Duck on your cover if he isn't in the book. Seems like a cheat to me.

Before we go I had this terrible thought about the new summer event at Marvel. When it's all over and just Battleworld is left, are the characters new? Are they not the characters we have grown up with all our lives or just new incarnations of the characters we know? I worry because I think I would have a hard time with that. We shall have to see.




Published in 1989, Dino Riders came from the animated series which came from the toy line. Dinosaurs with added weapons controlled by two warring races from the far flung future that had no way to get back home. The peaceful Valorians and the warring Rulons. The Valorians make a final escape from their embattled planet and the Rulons follow in close pursuit. Evil Lord Krulos will settle for nothing less than total subjugation. Peaceful ruler Questar engages a S.T.E.P. drive when the Rulons attempt to capture them with a tractor beam. It sends both ships through Warp Space landing them in orbit around primeval Earth. And both ships are irrevocably damaged in the process. Now, they must use the giant creatures of prehistoric times to battle one another.
This is such a fun book. Apparently, there were 14 episodes of the show only three of them showed in the US. The toys went through four waves ending with Dino Rider Ice Age before calling it quits.
While the comic is nothing more than a vehicle for the toys, the artwork by Kelley Jones is pretty good and apparently The Smithsonian Institute was so impressed with the toys that they approached TYCO to make the exhibits for their dinosaur collection.
I'll have to hunt down the other two comics in the series as it was a pretty good read.

That's all for this time folks! Thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time I go to the comic book store.