Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bi Weekly Comic Shop Trip

It's getting close to Christmas so I stayed away from the 50 cent bins and just got my regular books. Here's a rundown and a super short opinion of each;

AMAZING X-MEN #13 - After 12 issues of Heaven and Hell and Wendigos we get what is a fill in issue at best. And not a very good one. Oh well.

ARKHAM MANOR #2 - Wayne Manor is the new Arkham Asylum and someone is murdering the inmates. Batman is under cover as an inmate and it isn't helping. The art by Shawn Crystal is amazing.

RED LANTERNS #35 - Only because it is part of the GODHEAD storyline am I buying this for my oldest, Seann. Lanterns VS New Gods is kind of cool. Good to see that Guy Gardner hasn't changed.

TRINITY OF SIN #2 - Writer J.M. Dematteis doing what he does best with the supernatural realm of DC Comics. Being a huge Question fan I am loving this. NO idea who Pandora is and The Phantom Stranger seems different.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #36 - After the events of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK ANNUAL #2 the team is strewn across time and space. I never thought I would feel sorry for Felix Faust. Great book.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS #2 - Continuing with the granddaughter of the film who is now a teenager, Edward has made his own creation and discovers that sometimes bestowing life can be...bad. I love the cartoony artwork and it is one of my favorite movies.

GODZILLA RULERS OF EARTH #18 - Godzilla, Ebirah, Megaguirius. Do these names mean anything to you? One of the greatest battles since the original Godzilla VS The Sea Monster. A great non movie way to get a regular fix of some classic Godzilla.

AVENGERS WORLD #15 - I tried this book at its inception and really did not care for it. Now that has changed since AXIS and Doctor Doom has assembled his own Avengers! Valkyrie, Stingray, 3D Man, US Agent, Elsa Bloodstone. Their mission? Stop a completely evil Scarlet Witch. Uh Oh.

CARNAGE #2 - I am not a Carnage fan. Could care less. Actually buy this for my daughter, Delia. Yeah the AXIS thingie has made Carnage a good guy, well at least as he can be a good guy. It's a fun read I'll give you that I just don't see how to sustain it for too long.

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #6 - And this is for my youngest daughter, Dandelion. Only because she has a thing for The Legion of Super Heroes. The team is Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Animal Man, Stargirl, Allana Strange, Adam Strange, Equinox and Ultra The Multi Alien. Add in the Legion and this is a busy comic book. Still, looks like fun and I refer to it as Justice League Canada.

There ya go. See you in two weeks now go read some comics!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


To anyone that thought I was being over bitchy about the whole Captain America thing I give you this.

See, it's not just me and she did a much better job vocalizing my thoughts about this whole thing.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another classic Captain America tirade

I can remember when if you were a huge, monster, Captain America fan you read three books; Captain America, The Avengers and The Invaders. Once in a while there would be a miniseries or something else Captain America and you would pick that up. I have hundreds upon hundreds of issues of comic books with Captain America in them. I have the first ten issues hardbound in a slipcover. This has been my purchasing habit for decades. Decades. Can you imagine what it must be like for someone like me who goes to the comic shop regularly and doesn't buy any Avengers book, no Captain America book and no Invaders book? Devastating comes to mind as does sad. It's just sad that I have been forced to leave my favorite character behind when it comes to new adventures. I've said it before and I will say it again. Steve Rogers IS Captain America. Not because he's white. Not for any other reason than he is what embodies the true spirit of Captain America. It's not just a suit. It's Steve Rogers. And now, for the time being anyway, he is gone. And that sucks. I was going to put up a picture of some classic Kirby Captain America, but you know what? I just don't feel like it. And that might be the saddest thing of all. Fuck you Rick Remender. I blame you for all of this.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bi-Weekly Comic Shop Trip

I g to Fanfare Comics every other week like clockwork. I always mean to write up reviews of what I bought, but never get around to it. I think a list will work and then I will have one find of the week. Sound good? Great! First up;






It looks in pretty good shape, nice and clean and bagged. A little crinkling near the staples and slight wear and tear, but it is a gorgeous cover and I got it for 50 cents.

Seeya in two weeks!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Keep Trying It Just Don't Matter

Next year Marvel and DC are both doing huge inter dimensional storylines that they say will affect their titles forever.
Or, a least until the next huge inter dimensional crossover event.
I have one thing to say.
You say that it negates all previous things that went before. DC did it with DC 52 and most of it sucked. Marvel has Marvel NOW! And, surprise, with very few exceptions, it sucked as well. And I am a card carrying Marvel Zombie.
Here's the thing; It can't be negated. Your new, fancy storylines have not affected my comic collection one whit. Those characters you say are no longer around. Yeah, I still have those comic books and having read them are lodged in my memory.
Happened for me so, it's still real.
Get it.
The thing that surprises me the most is that I read comics for decades before Crisis On Infinite Earths happened.
Same goes for Secret Wars.
I did think it funny that Marvel's huge event changed nothing more than the introduction of Venom...sort of. Plus, we all know that was a comic designed to do nothing but sell toys.
So, for decades, writers were talented enough to take what was given to them and crafted well done, exciting stories month after month. They didn't need to invent a new dimension to explain when something went...well, weird.
If they wanted to do that Marvel had What If? and DC had Elseworlds. Because sometimes it's fun to mess with the natural order of what has gone before.
Now all the big two do is huge event after huge event.
I know I used to read The Avengers. Now, with the seventy-five monthly Avengers books out there I don't read one of them since Avengers A.I. got cancelled.
From the big two I read the following on a monthly basis;
The Amazing X-Men

yeah, that's it. And remember I am a huge Captain America fan. There is nothing for me there. One comic and that's it. I read Nightcrawler for a minute, but it got stale and they cancelled Superior Foes of Spider Man. I am considering The Spider-Verse, but will probably pass. Secret Wars looks interesing, but only because I saw Doctor Zero in the artwork.

Justice League Dark
Sensation Comics
Trinity of Sin

Always a huge fan of J.M.DeMatteis I love what he has done with Justice League Dark by primarily ignoring the whole DC 52 thing. And Sensation Comics proves that you can do one and done stories and it sells comics. I did pick up the first issue of Arkham Manor and like how that went. Trinity of Sin has The Question, my favorite.

I buy more independent comics than mainstream.

Godzilla, Rulers of the Earth
Justice Inc.
Little Nemo In Slumberland
John Carter Warlord of Mars

Personally, I have a better time reading back issues back when writers knew how to write and things were awesome.

Convergence will not be for me, but Secret Wars might.

I'm really hoping for a Doctor Zero action figure.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The All New Captain America...What an insult!

Normally, I would just shout about what a stupid idea this is and how Steve Rogers is the one, true Captain America. How many people have tried to fill his shoes and have failed miserably. But, this time, I've got another thing I need to vent about.
First, some facts;
Falcon was introduced as a hero 45 years ago. Since that time he has been an Avenger, a Defender and long time partner and friend of the one, true Captain America (Okay, there might be a little venting.) This is a hero that has faced deadly foes in groups and individually with two things going for him; He can fly and communicate with birds. He has held his own next to living legends, gods and goddesses and is still above ground.
What I'm trying to say here is that The Falcon has proven himself a true hero time and time again. Now, that's not good enough? He has to assume the mantle of someone else? Forty-five years of busting his chops and making his character unique. The Falcon is the first African-American character ever introduced by Marvel. That is important and stands for something. Now he has to throw away four and a half decades of that for this?
What a crock! I think, if I were a person of color, a comic book reader for decades and they told one of my favorite characters he had to be someone else I would be offended. Hell, I'm offended anyway. The Falcon has proved himself time and time again. He doesn't need to be Captain America.
He's The Falcon.
And that is awesome.