Saturday, November 8, 2014

The All New Captain America...What an insult!

Normally, I would just shout about what a stupid idea this is and how Steve Rogers is the one, true Captain America. How many people have tried to fill his shoes and have failed miserably. But, this time, I've got another thing I need to vent about.
First, some facts;
Falcon was introduced as a hero 45 years ago. Since that time he has been an Avenger, a Defender and long time partner and friend of the one, true Captain America (Okay, there might be a little venting.) This is a hero that has faced deadly foes in groups and individually with two things going for him; He can fly and communicate with birds. He has held his own next to living legends, gods and goddesses and is still above ground.
What I'm trying to say here is that The Falcon has proven himself a true hero time and time again. Now, that's not good enough? He has to assume the mantle of someone else? Forty-five years of busting his chops and making his character unique. The Falcon is the first African-American character ever introduced by Marvel. That is important and stands for something. Now he has to throw away four and a half decades of that for this?
What a crock! I think, if I were a person of color, a comic book reader for decades and they told one of my favorite characters he had to be someone else I would be offended. Hell, I'm offended anyway. The Falcon has proved himself time and time again. He doesn't need to be Captain America.
He's The Falcon.
And that is awesome.

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