Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bi Weekly Comic Shop Trip

It's getting close to Christmas so I stayed away from the 50 cent bins and just got my regular books. Here's a rundown and a super short opinion of each;

AMAZING X-MEN #13 - After 12 issues of Heaven and Hell and Wendigos we get what is a fill in issue at best. And not a very good one. Oh well.

ARKHAM MANOR #2 - Wayne Manor is the new Arkham Asylum and someone is murdering the inmates. Batman is under cover as an inmate and it isn't helping. The art by Shawn Crystal is amazing.

RED LANTERNS #35 - Only because it is part of the GODHEAD storyline am I buying this for my oldest, Seann. Lanterns VS New Gods is kind of cool. Good to see that Guy Gardner hasn't changed.

TRINITY OF SIN #2 - Writer J.M. Dematteis doing what he does best with the supernatural realm of DC Comics. Being a huge Question fan I am loving this. NO idea who Pandora is and The Phantom Stranger seems different.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #36 - After the events of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK ANNUAL #2 the team is strewn across time and space. I never thought I would feel sorry for Felix Faust. Great book.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS #2 - Continuing with the granddaughter of the film who is now a teenager, Edward has made his own creation and discovers that sometimes bestowing life can be...bad. I love the cartoony artwork and it is one of my favorite movies.

GODZILLA RULERS OF EARTH #18 - Godzilla, Ebirah, Megaguirius. Do these names mean anything to you? One of the greatest battles since the original Godzilla VS The Sea Monster. A great non movie way to get a regular fix of some classic Godzilla.

AVENGERS WORLD #15 - I tried this book at its inception and really did not care for it. Now that has changed since AXIS and Doctor Doom has assembled his own Avengers! Valkyrie, Stingray, 3D Man, US Agent, Elsa Bloodstone. Their mission? Stop a completely evil Scarlet Witch. Uh Oh.

CARNAGE #2 - I am not a Carnage fan. Could care less. Actually buy this for my daughter, Delia. Yeah the AXIS thingie has made Carnage a good guy, well at least as he can be a good guy. It's a fun read I'll give you that I just don't see how to sustain it for too long.

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #6 - And this is for my youngest daughter, Dandelion. Only because she has a thing for The Legion of Super Heroes. The team is Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Animal Man, Stargirl, Allana Strange, Adam Strange, Equinox and Ultra The Multi Alien. Add in the Legion and this is a busy comic book. Still, looks like fun and I refer to it as Justice League Canada.

There ya go. See you in two weeks now go read some comics!

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