Monday, August 24, 2015

Comics I Bought 8/21/15

So, it has been a while for one of these. Had to skip my bi weekly trip to the comic book store last time so, there are tons of new comics. Some might have pictures. Some might not. Which ones? No idea.
Good let's kick it off with;

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8

I never get tired of this book. And fighting the Asgardian Squirrel God comes to an end. Loki was cool, the book was funny and I still don't read those little things at the bottom of every other page. Feels like the end of a story arc leading up to an all new issue #1 because, well, let's face it. Sometimes, Marvel is kinda dumb.

DC Comics Bombshells #1

Hurray! A World War 2 all female hero comic book. Based off of some really cool retro statues. I don't know, but this might be the first time a series of statues inspired a comic book series. I hope this comic is around for a minimum of a hundred issues. Good stuff.

Mrs. Deadpool and The Howling Commandos.

So, Mrs. Deadpool finds the thingie she needs to get revenge against Dracula for killing Deadpool. This issue seems to embrace the silliness of the whole affair better than the previous issues. Also, introducing Weirdworld in another comic is pretty cool as well.

Red Skull #2

Red Skull saves Magneto, chugs some Sentinel coolant and introduces Magneto to Annihilus so he can reveal his plan to bring down the shield and kill Doom. Sound confusing? Sure it does, it's a Marvel epic crossover, isn't it? Still, I like the comic for what it is.

Swords of Sorrow #4

Two issues to go and all is coming to a head. The ladies for good have grouped together to take on the bad girls one at a time. The bad girls don't stand a chance. At first I thought this felt a bit rushed, but now it seems to be unfolding at a proper rate. Kind of curious to see how they are going to end this one.

Kaijumax 4 &5

At first I really liked this book. The concept of Monster Island meets Orange IS The New Black sounded a little intriguing. Yeah, now it's more prison-ey than before and I am loosing interest. We'll see how long this lasts on my pull list.

Justice Inc. The Avenger #3

And a hearty thank you to Mark Waid for giving me The Avenger I remember from my younger days. Half Invisible creatures! Cliffhangers galore! And Nazis! Nothing can go wrong with this comic book and I am so glad to see that Waid is doing such a great job with this book. And the art work by Ronnilson Freire is well suited to the subject matter. A truly great book.

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #13

In the middle of a heated battle between Crime Syndicate's Superwoman and Wonder Woman there is time for a lesson to never settle and always strive to be your best. I like the issues with more than one story, but this was fine. A bunch of people wrote and drew it so, no chance of me putting them all here. It's still a great issue and I like that she kind of makes fun of the new, completely covered, terrible Wonder Woman costume in the issue. If you really love good old fashioned super hero stories then you do owe it to yourself to get this comic.

Bizarro #3

They do such a great job with this comic that it makes my head hurt trying to translate what Bizarro is saying. We get a town of ghosts with an old western vibe and a relative of Jonah Hex as well. Chastity Hex needs her own book. You hear me DC??? Chastity Hex! Own Book! NOW!!! I hope that before we get to issue 6 that they realize we should get this book to continue for all time. Maybe it is an unlimited series? Bizarro would call an unlimited series a mini series so, it makes sense, Yeah, we'll go with that.

Invader Zim #2

My children introduced me to Invader Zim the cartoon. It is weird and gross and funny. I do like Gir. He makes me laugh. The comic manages to do the same and I'm glad we get a continued fix of Zim. Maybe will decide to keep it going after the proposed 10 issues.

Weirdworld #3

Arkon escapes the clutches of Morgana Le Fey with the last of the Crystal Warriors. And then Morgana sends some guy to kill him. This issue seemed off to me. I can't put my finger on it, but it just didn't compare to the two previous issues and I'm not sure why. Next issues promises The Queen of The Man-Things and a bunch of Man-Things so, I assume I will really like that issue. If nothing else I do want to see how artist Mike Del Mundo paints them. I'll probably demand a poster or something at that point.

So, some books were great, some not so great. Nothing awful and you can look at a previous post for the new Martian Manhunter book. I really like that book.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015



 So, finances dictated that I was unable to make my last bi weekly trip to Fanfare. This week I picked up a lot of comic books. Two of them were Martian Manhunter 2 & 3. I have always loved Martian Manhunter. A lot of times I have felt that people didn't get him. Giffen and DeMatteis from the old Justice LEague days did and those are great issues.
Now, with a new configuration of the DC Universe thanks to Convergence, we get a new series.
This is so good.
It reminds me of the recent reboot of Dial H for Hero and old school Vertigo. It is revealing something that we all took for granted is horribly wrong.
J'onn J'onzz is not the last Martian.
While some might look at that as a cause for celebration, nothing could be farther from the truth.
The writing on this book is so good. Author Rob Williams brings his A game to a series that might just be the most interesting thing that DC has done in years.
The art by Eddy Barrows is epic. Twisted, dark and just insane in some panels.
A lot of people forget that J'onn is a shapeshifter.
That is brought to glorious, horrific life by Barrows.
There are only three issues out right now and if you want an intriguing story with fantastic artwork starring one of the mainstay characters of the DC Universe, then you need this book.
As I said earlier I bought a lot of books this week. I'll be back this weekend to cover them all.

See, ain't this some creepy stuff??

Thursday, August 20, 2015

SECRET WAS (Not a typo)

I remember when Marvel announced this big, game changing crossover event, Secret Wars. I think I worried for nothing. My wife says I do that a lot so, it must be true. The event is almost over, I have bought maybe three titles and enjoyed them and ignored the vast majority of things that Marvel has released. Kind of like what I did with DC's Convergence.
Hopefully, they have gotten this out of their system and we can just have normal comic books again.
Yeah, I don't believe it either.
And, since Rick Remender quit I can buy Uncanny Avengers again.
Just counting the days until they realize that the new Captain America is dumb and we can have Steve Rogers back again.
Probably about the same time that the new Captain America movie comes out.
(Feel free to insert sarcasm anywhere you see fit. It really goes anywhere.)

Saturday, August 15, 2015


 I still remember when the first series by Jack Kirby came out. At the same time as his Machine Man series. Both were excellent and classic Kirby. Neither series lasted long, but Marvel never lets a character go and both ended up showing up in the Marvel Universe from time to time. I always felt Devil got the short end of the stick.
But not lately.

One of the shining moments of the new epic crossover Secret Wars at Marvel is Planet Hulk. Steve Rogers as a barbarian with his faithful companion Devil Dinosaur is truly inspired storytelling. I will be sad when Marvel goes back to normal.
But, there will be a bright spot.


Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl.
No, that's not a typo. Devil's new companion is a small, African American girl who has adventures with the coolest dinosaur in the world.
I think this will work on a number of levels. Dinosaurs are big again thanks to Jurassic World. Diversity of any kind is welcomed with open arms by the comic buying community. The artwork looks fantastic and I think Devil will finally have a home with Marvel for a long time to come.
At least I hope so.
I really like that big, red, dinosaur.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

So, this Hercules thing...

So, Marvel Comics announced they were doing a new Hercules comic. That's cool. I like Hercules in the Marvel Universe. I seem to remember him being kind of an ass in DC Universe. Anyway, they were asked if he would be bisexual as is his nature in Greek Mythology and Marvel shut that down pretty damn quick. Hell, they even made fun of it and now everyone is in an uproar.
You know what?
Doesn't matter.
It's a fictional character. They have their version of it and they want him to be straight.
Who. Fucking. Cares? (TM Dan Taylor)
You don;t like it? Write your own comic. I have a mini comic called Thor for no other reason than 1.) I can 2.) I bring more of the Norse mythology version of Thor. Mine is a red headed asshole who incorporates more of Norse mythology and Marvel can't do a damned thing about it. Hell, I even make fun of their Thor in the process.
Heh, heh, good times.
Anyway, there are more important things in the world than arguing the sexual preferences of a fictional character and everyone needs to settle the fuck down.
In closing I would like to share with you my favorite piece of art in the whole wide world.
James Waterhouse's Hylas And The Nymphs.

For those unaware, Hylas is at the water getting water for Hercules. Hylas is Hercules' boy toy. The Nymphs have other ideas and drag him to his death as water nymphs are wont to do. It is an amazing piece of art and, you know what? Hercules being straight, gay, bi sexual or a God Damned Furry doesn't affect this painting in any way shape or form.
Get a life, people.