Saturday, November 21, 2015


So, anyone who reads this regularly, you know, both of you, knows my opinion of what they have done to Steve Rogers by stripping him of his rightful role of Captain America. The new incarnation of The Uncanny Avengers is a step in the right direction, especially since Rick Remender left Marvel finally.
Now, they are killing Namor??? What will that accomplish? Do the hip new comic readers even know who Namor is? Does he even have a solo book?
I expect next week to hear that the original Human Torch will be scrapped for spare parts in case The Vision needs an overhaul after his crappy, new book is cancelled.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I was so excited to read this comic book. The premise that the Vision is on his own with a new family that he created seemed a little odd, but it could be fun.
Then I read the comic book.
It is, without a doubt, the most depressing thing I have read in ages. The whole thing just made me sad. I want sad I can turn on the news and see what new brand of asshats is murdering innocent people.
I don't need this from a comic book.
Thanks for saving me four bucks a month Marvel.
Now, when the new Scarlet Witch comic comes out I'm gonna read it at the store before buying it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


After the abomination that was the Daredevil series and the fact that I may have read like one story with this character in it, the question remains; Will I watch it?
Why bother? I have zero investment in the story. They have proved that they care nothing for die hard fans with the slaughter of Ben Urich. Why should I bother?
I hear you out there;
But, David Tennant is in it!
He's not Doctor Who is he? Then who freakin' cares? Hell, he even managed to irritate me towards the end of his run. Remember when it took him like fifteen hours to regenerate because he was being a whiny little bitch?
Yeah, just don't care.
And they are going to ruin Luke Cage. I can feel it.