Thursday, March 14, 2019

Comic(s) of The Week

Last week literally had three books and Girl In The Bay #2 continues to amaze. Green Arrow #50 was the last book of the series so that was sad. So, I didn't pick a book. I'm sure you all understand. This week there are two books. I couldn't choose for very different reasons.

Image result for murder falcon #6


This is the issue that will break you. The issue where you see that being soft doesn't make you weak and doesn't exclude you from the world of metal. A single panel will make your heart break. No, I'm not putting it up here. Go buy one of the best damned books out there right now. I'm not sure how I feel knowing there are only two issues left to go.

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Think you know The Trickster? This will prove you wrong. I haven't seen such an in depth issue of a villain that most people probably consider to be a joke. The Flash continues to be my favorite book every other week and this issue proves why.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Comic of the Week 2/27/2019

Written by David Barnett
Art by Martin Simmonds

Last year Shelly Bond's Black Crown Imprint through IDW released what may have been my favorite book. PUNKS NOT DEAD: TEENAGE KICKS. At first I was annoyed that it was over, then I realized that they were chopping it into separate books.
This is the second book.
Let's do  recap;Fergie is fifteen year old lad with the normal problems in life. Then the ghost of a punk rocker named Sid shows up and Fergie is te only one who can see him. Pretty soon a secret government agency headed by a woman named Dorothy Culpepper who is more than she seems is on the trail of Fergie and Sid.
Now, Fergie needs to find out where his dad Billy, sometimes called Beleth is and find out what makes him different.
This new series hits the ground running. Fergie and Sid are hot on the trail of what they thing is a pretty normal situation. Young man looking for his missing dad.
But, Billy is more than he appears and Fergie and Sid may be in way over their heads.
This book more than anything else gives me Vertigo flashbacks. I mean Vertigo when Sandman was still around and the Vertigo imprint was fearless and would try anything at least twice.
That's what this book is in a nutshell. It's smart, well written and the art is gorgeous, trippy and so beautiful to stare at.
I'm glad the second series is back and I hope it sticks around for a little while.
I missed this book.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Comic of the Week 2/20/2019

Image result for rainbow brite dynamite number four

Rainbow Brite started life as a merchandising division of Hallmark. They decided they wanted to get into the lucrative market of kids toys. What followed was a 35 year long obsession with Wink, her little Sprite friend Twink and her excellent rainbow maned horse Starlite. They are sent to a grey kingdom to rescue the color kids and bring color back to the world.
When I heard that they were bringing it back as a comic book to coincide with the 35th anniversary I figured I would try an issue and see what was what.
Now, it's issue four and I am legitimately hooked.
Wisp has just been rescued by the Red Flare and now they realize that the other colors are being held prisoner and they need to rescue them all to save the day. We also discover that each color has a super power attached.
Red is super speed. That kind of figures.
And now, for the first time Rainbow Brite and Starlite meet. Rainbow Brite is ecstatic to meet a beautiful talking horse. Starlite is kind of a tool that makes the initial encounter hilarious.
Dynamite has managed to create an all ages book that is truly that. Fans of the original will love it. People who have never read or seen the show will love it if they love magic and talking horses and super powers and monsters trying to steal all the color in the world.
 This is a great book.
I leave you with this;

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Comic of the Week 2/13/2019

This time around it is Bettie Page Vol. 2 Issue 2. I have been following this series since the first one came out. David Avallone knows a Bettie Page story when he sees one and this time around Bettie is doing some undercover work in Merry Olde England. She has to help fight aliens and locate Queen Elizabeth the 2nd who insists that Bettie addresses her as Bettie as well.Julius Ohta's artwork gives it that old school Marvel feel from the 70s so it fits real well. 
If you have been thinking about getting into this series I give it my highest recommendation and that is why I give it the glorious title of Comic of the week!

Image result for Bettie Page #2 dynamite comics

Thursday, February 7, 2019


I tried doing the column thing. I really did, but some weeks I buy a lot of comic books and with my other writing this gets put on the back burner and then becomes old news pretty damned quick. I decided to pick a book that I liked that week and write about it instead.
Sounds pretty good, right? I mean it's better than nothing, right? Yeah, that's what I thought as well. So, here we go...

J.M. DeMatteis
Corin Howell
Karen Berger
Cover Artist:
Corin Howell

If I had to choose a single person who affects the way that I view life in all aspects I would have to put J.M. DeMatteis as the top spot. I grew up in comic books, reading them voraciously. J.M. DeMatteis was always there for me. Whether it was Captain America or Spider-Man, Justice League, Dr. Fate or, my single favorite comic book Moonshadow. Things you read as a youngster tend to stick better for the long run. 
Now, with the new Berger Books imprint from we get a four issue series from that great mind and the trip has already gotten weird. Weird in a good way, but still, weird.
Here's the promotional blurb;
"In 1969, seventeen-year-old Kathy Sartori was brutally attacked, her body hurled into Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay. Miraculously, she survives and fights her way back to the surface, only to discover that fifty years have passed and an eerie doppelganger has lived out an entire life in her place. Kathy soon confronts not just this strange double, but the madman who ''murdered'' her five decades earlier. Will he, and the dark entity that lives inside him, hold the key to Kathy's missing years? Or will Kathy become a ghost of herself, forced to live out what remains of her life on the edge of the world that she desperately wants to be a part of?"
Now, I was sad when I saw we were only getting four issues, but the story is so good I am curious to see how this can wrap up in such a short period of time. I was also wondering why the book was pre-bagged by the comic book store when I bought it. 
Was it nudity? That's usually the reason my comic book store does that.
Nope, just some seriously violent murder that is well executed by artist Corin Howell who I have never seen work by before. Howell's artwork blends perfectly with the story that DeMatteis is telling us. I like that we get no more information than the main character. It makes us curious to see how it will all play out in the end.
The Girl In The Bay #1 is a perfect kick off to what appears to be a horror story wrapped in a mystery that will go much deeper than what we are given at the start. If you are looking for something truly different and unique I do recommend picking up this book.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


SO, I have tried many things with this blog over the years. I have a few faithful readers, but with a full time job and many side projects this blog seems to fall by the wayside. Then I figured it out. I was trying to report on all comics all the time.
Why bother?
There are so many of those already. So, I had a brainstorm.
I read quite a few independent comics.
Do you know how many of them I see on websites?
Not very damn many.
That's a shame because these are some great books.
They deserve the attention.
So, here's the new game plan;
One blog post a week.
One book covered.
It will never be Marvel. It won't be DC, Hell, it might not even be Image. I know it won't be Valiant because I don't buy any of those. These will always be books that I think are important enough to tell people about so they will read them.
I've already got one.
Here we go with Penguin Comics 2.0



Image result for jazz legend scout comics

Martin Comity is a genius when it comes to blowing the horn. He lives it, breathes it and The War Room is the only Jazz club to have him. Sweety, the owner of The War Room knows this. She also understands that he drinks like a fish, screws anything with boobs and, sometimes, when that's not enough he takes other things.
But when he gets on that stage and starts to wail that all falls by the wayside. People come to The War Room to see Martin play.
Including Benjamin Way. A writer that writes about life. Now his life is Martin Comity and he sees something that everyone else misses. A darkness like no other.
Martin partakes of a drug called The New Blue and it sends him headfirst into a hallucinatory landscape that shows him the truth. The twisted, messed up, what the Hell is that truth.
When he comes down he has changed. See, Martin isn't a regular guy with stuff going in one ear and out the other. Evrything he takes in makes its way through his body. It becomes a part of him. 
I read the description of this comic somewhere and it stuck in the back of my head. I had never heard of Scout Comics before and this made a huge impression on me.
The blending of music and something lurking underneath is a fascinating concept. I love the artwork and the layout of every page emulates Jazz in its most improvisational form. I can't wait to see where we go from here.
I know it will be cool as a cucumber daddy-o.

Go get it and I will see you next week.

Image result for jazz legend # 1 scout comics

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Comic Book Observations Of The Week 2/17/18

I tried doing reviews of every book I bought for a week and it was just drudgery after a while. Then I hit on this idea. Just the beats from books of the week that I truly enjoyed. No pictures just me rambling about what I liked in the comic book landscape this week.
Scooby Apocalypse #22 continues to be great and the back up story of Secret Squirrel makes it even better.
I do enjoy the new villain in Wonder Woman. I wonder how she'll figure in later issues because we know a cure doesn't fix anything in comic book land.
Marvel Two In One #3 gives the best explanation of the Fantastic Four's powers and how they work. A new twist that makes it very interesting.
Flash #40 gives us a new take on Grodd and Barry Allen passing the torch. This issue seemed to have a lot of splash pages, but it made the story move quicker which is what a Flash story is supposed to do.
Finally, Invader Zim #28 felt like an actual demented episode of the show. Very good.
My only complaint this week would be the death in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. Not a fan of that particular decision.
There you go! Short and sweet and me just yapping about what I liked.
For those keeping score it was sixteen books this week that breaks down like this;

DC - 8
Marvel - 3
Independents - 5

A lot of books. Be sure to check out DC?Young Animal's Milk Wars. Definitely different kind of comic book.