Monday, October 21, 2013


...but it's over. I tried the new Justice League of America and you fake shot Catwoman and her epic cleavage in the head. I read every issue of Dial H...and you cancelled it. The same went for Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and the hugely entertaining OMAC. You cancelled Legion of Super Heroes. My youngest daughter was heartbroken. With Earth 2 you took my beloved Justice Society and ruined them. And I saw that new Batgirl costume. The grey one. You know the one I mean. My lovely Martha said it best when she asked how she was hiding her secret identity. I reminded her this was the same company that thinks you can hide your identity with glasses and a well placed spit curl.
Luckily, Marvel has managed to continue to put out good comics on a regular basis and Dynamite and IDW also have some comics I do like a lot.
So, I'd like to say it's me, but I'm afraid it's you.
Seeya suck.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

NEW COMICS 10/20/13

I haven't done one of these in a while. Sorry. Getting used to a new schedule at work and just being busy with life. That

is no excuse so let's just dive into the new comic books I bought today.


This is before the idiotic Superior Spider-Man BS that is going on right now. Peter Parker is with his job exploring The Savage Land. Yeah, seems someone has the dinosaurs all amped up and murderous. They attack the team and take them all except for Peter who changes into Spider Man duds and kicks dinosaur butt with the help of Devil Dinosaur and  Moon Boy.
This is the second of a two parter and I really bought this for no other reason than Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. The fact that this is the good Spider-Man and not the stupid one is a bonus. Writer Cullen Buin does a great job with the characters and it was hilarious to see Devil Dinosaur say 'Grnnk?' again. The artwork by Gabrielle Dell'Otto is magnificent and he even did the cover which was epic. A great issue and I'm glad to see that Marvel realizes that we need fun stories in our comics.


Speaking of fun, the continuing adventures of some of Spider-Man's foes is another winner. Boomerang has hired Power Man and Iron Fist to attack the Sinister Six (Even though there are only four of them). Iron Fist in a suit is pretty cool and the book is just full of humor. I think I read somewhere that this is a limited series, but it would do great as a regular book. Nick Spencer does a great job in the writer's seat and Steve Lieber's artwork compliments it perfectly. I am a little worried about Shocker though. Nuff said!


I have a sneaking suspicion that my continued purchasing of UNCANNY AVENGERS may be coming to a close. Similar to my stopping of CAPTAIN AMERICA. Probably Rick Remender, the writer's, fault. So, here is a team borned of THE AGE OF ULTRON storyline that I read three issues of and quit. The team, if you don;t know, are made up of The Vision, Hank Pym, Alexis, Monica Chang, Victor Mancha and a Doombot. As you may or may not know, all Doombots perceive themselves to actually be Dr. Doom and this one is no different, but he's a little different and works with the team when he isn't plotting the overthrow of mankind.
Anyway, there is this virtual reality called The Diamond and The Vision has been sucked into it, but he likes being there, until he realizes that he is being used and his team is headed for a trap.
AVENGERS A.I. is unique in that this is a team of machines for the most part. If you thought humans hated mutants, you ain't seen nothing yet. The writing is awesome and has a definite science fiction edge to it. The artwork by Andre Lima Araujo is so pretty to look at. Clear lines and a Heavy Metal vibe to it. Also, it is always so bright ans shiny on every panel. I assume this is an artistic choice and it works so well in this comic book. If Uncanny Avengers
continues to disappoint me I might just decide to live here instead.


Really? A year is gone? The cover is classic Kang and that made me smile. Inside the book we have the continuing time warfare with The Apocalypse Twins. Havok and The Wasp flirting. Captain America getting thrashed by a reanimated Banshee doing his Horseman of the Apocalypse bit and Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man getting sappy. Apparently, The Apocalypse Twins have figured a way to screw Kang over. They also want The Scarlet Witch to rapture all mutants on Earth to Jupiter where they can terraform the planet into a blue planet capable of supporting life and eliminating the coming mutant/human war to end all human/mutant wars.
Whew! I'm a little tired saying all that and a little winded reading it. Remender managed to make me leave the CAPTAIN AMERICA book and he may be doing the same here. The fact that the Avengers movie made so much bank is the reason that the comic book shelves are choked with Avengers comics. I chose this one because I liked the concept and it had Captain America on the team.
I'll give it a couple more issues. I want to see how this Kang thing plays out.


I caught a preview of this online and immediately knew I would have to get it. Dynamite Comics has released a comic that combines the might of Mandrake The Magician , The Phantom and Flash Gordon. You heard me right. It's Defenders of Earth!!! Remember that old cartoon?  
Two issues in and I am hooked. There is some sort of global nightmare occurring and these two issues lay the groundwork for what will be an epic battle to come.  I was surprised that they set it in modern day given the age of the characters, but it works. It is high adventure at its finest so, it doesn't matter when it takes place. My only complaint? I don't like The Phantom having a scruffy face. He's The Phantom, not friggin Wolverine or something. Other than that, this is spot on and soooooo good.

So, there you go. Some good, some bad. No new issue of GODZILLA: RULERS OF THE EARTH, which made me sad, but this is a nice haul for the week. I'll be back in two weeks with, hopefully, more great comcis and the first issue of Cryptozoic Man and a new Godzilla comic. There is also rumors of a new Steampunk comic I'm going to want to get, but I'll leave that where it is. Amazing X-Men #1 should be out by then as well and I plan on getting that. It's got Nightcrawler for crying out loud!


Sunday, October 13, 2013


So, I picked these up at the local comic shop, Fanfare, on my bi weekly jaunt to the comic store with my lovely Martha and two daughters. we always rummaged through the quarter bins looking for treasure. I was amazed that I found all six of them.
Now, I could tell you what they are about and the plotline and whatever, but someone did a really good job and their blog deserves the credit for such work.


In the end, I thought they were thin. Sure, there's a visit from The New Mutants so, it takes place in the Marvel Universe, but that's about it. I was amazed at the quality of the paper and the cover stock. Thicker than your normal comic and the inside paper is so white. Very pretty for a pretty mundane comic book.