Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I promised myself I wouldn't buy any of these. I told myself to wait for Secret Wars, not to waste the money. I need to remind myself this is nothing but a nostalgia cash grab by DC while they move across the country. I must stay strong.

But, look at these covers!

Damn you DC!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Comic Strip Ruined

Yesterday, I posted comic strips I love to read. I was sad that I could not include one of my favorite, recent strips;


Phoebe and Her Unicorn

The strip was recently picked up by a comic syndicate and they made a couple of changes. One was the name;


Phoebe and Her Unicorn
We covered this whole thing years ago. I know it's a new strip, but this seems like recycling to me.

This is wrong on so many levels. Heavenly Nostrils is the name of the unicorn and she does not belong to Phoebe. They are friends. This dumbing down of the title is ludicrous. It doesn't stop there unfortunately.

The strip has different art and seems dumbed down. In the process of being accepted for publication, creator Dana Simpson has seemed to forget us her loyal fans.

Too bad.

Heavenly Nostrils was awesome. Phoebe and Her Unicorn is a pale shadow of that.

I hope she gets a lot of money at least.

All images are the property of the creator and used here for review purposes only.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Fridays, Because... Why Not?

How are both of my loyal readers on this fine Friday?
This week I thought it would be fun to discuss comic strips. I remember reading strips in the local paper for decades. Haven't done that for years I'm afraid. The paper has been downsized to a point where I would never pay that much for it.
Kind of sad.
Nothing replaces the smell of newsprint I'm afraid.
Remember when comics were printed on that stuff?
Anyway, I now just hop on over to Go Comics for my fix.
Here's the rundown;

Frazz is fun if you consider that the main character could very well be Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes all grown up. That and being a bike rider I appreciate his enthusiasm even when I disagree with how he does it. I'm more of a commuter though so what are you going to do?


Cartoon baby strips can be funny. Thatababy works because they aren't afraid to let their Geek flag fly.


This is pretty adult humor for a comic strip, but it is a pretty funny strip. The things that Monty gets himself into are most of the time pretty hilarious.


This one is my oldest son's fault. He started reading it so I started reading it. I think he finally gave up on it, but Bucky kills me.


A guy who writes from home and is addicted to coffee. Yeah, no idea why I like this strip. (Insert sarcasm where appropriate.)


Looks like it is drawn with a sharpie and a pencil. Not funny, but fascinating to read. I love that his cat's name is Mr. Peterson, but she's a girl.


Done is a chaotic rough style this is always funny. I use it to pick on my two daughters who do many things that happen in the strip.


Ah, Agnes and her little friend Trout. Raised by her Grandma in a run down trailer park. Agnes never lets any of this get her down and continues on her road to greatness. Always makes me smile.


This is the best strip out there. Creator Richard Thompson says he had to retire due to Parkinson's, but I swear that sometimes I see new strips. Probably my  ancient brain misfiring into the land of wishful thinking. Who knows?

All comics are property of their respective creators and are here for review purposes only. Do not sue me I have no money.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Archie Comics Jumps The Shark (Literally)

Really? This is where we're going? I have noticed a disturbing trend in comics as of late. Lots of TV shows and movies. Edward Scissorhands,  Big Trouble In Little China, Archie VS get the idea.
Archie itself has gone through some significant changes; the killed middle age Archie, apparently he and the gang are fighting Predator right now.

It's a weird time.
But, not as weird as this;

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


First, sorry about the Friday column. I went to Cinema Wasteland and didn't plan ahead. I have a doozy for this week, maybe good enough to make up for that.
Anyway, Comic Book Resources Online has previews of comics and you can see the first four or five pages of many new releases. I have seen about ten of the Convergence issues and am so happy I decided to ignore the event. From the core book that reads like that Godawful Future's End weekly series that just ended to art and writing charges that make no sense. The Justice League International book isn't written by Giffen and Dematteis????  The Supergirl title looks so 90's it hurts my eyes to look at it. Overall the entire series comes across at some sad attempt at nostalgia that no one asked for.
I really can't think of anything to say and I hope that Marvel's Secret Wars plays out much, much better than this abysmal mess.

I miss the old DC, Hell at this point I miss the new 52.


Look at this mess!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fridays, Because...Why Not?

I'm going to share some new artwork with you;

This is supposed to be the New and Improved Marvel? Am I the only one who thinks this looks like terrible, 90s fan art? And that font for the title. Sure, I'm fond of Microsoft Publisher WordArt as much as the next guy, but you want us to spend 4 bucks on this Godawful piece of garbage?
When it was announced that DC and Marvel were doing their own big events this Summer I sided  with Marvel. Looks like I might be saving some cash with this decision if the artwork is going to look this awful throughout.
Seeya Next Week!