Wednesday, April 15, 2015


First, sorry about the Friday column. I went to Cinema Wasteland and didn't plan ahead. I have a doozy for this week, maybe good enough to make up for that.
Anyway, Comic Book Resources Online has previews of comics and you can see the first four or five pages of many new releases. I have seen about ten of the Convergence issues and am so happy I decided to ignore the event. From the core book that reads like that Godawful Future's End weekly series that just ended to art and writing charges that make no sense. The Justice League International book isn't written by Giffen and Dematteis????  The Supergirl title looks so 90's it hurts my eyes to look at it. Overall the entire series comes across at some sad attempt at nostalgia that no one asked for.
I really can't think of anything to say and I hope that Marvel's Secret Wars plays out much, much better than this abysmal mess.

I miss the old DC, Hell at this point I miss the new 52.


Look at this mess!!!

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