Tuesday, October 20, 2015



I am not fond of this recent attitude in comic books where the comic isn't legitimate unless the person writing/drawing it are the same color. What about Superman? I'm pretty sure the people putting out that comic aren't from Krypton. What are they hacks?
No, they are fiction writers.
Being able to string together words in a fashion that other people enjoy are the only prerequisite.
Not your gender.
Not your color
And as for race, there is one race.
The human race.
And I'm also not fond of the terms 'black' and 'white' for skin color.
If I saw someone with actual black or white skin it would probably terrify me.
I prefer to think of myself as a lovely shade of apricot.
And, being a lovely shade of apricot, I would like to think I'm not limited to only reading comics with other apricot colored people inhabiting the page.
That would be pretty dull.
So, when they announced that Power Man and Iron Fist were coming back I was ecstatic. Not because one of them was apricot. Not because one of them were brown. Not because the writer and artist team are also brown.
It was because it was Power Man and Iron Fist. Two of my favorite characters.
Remember, it's all about story.
I could give a damn what color you are.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Many of you know of my pure hatred of the mistreatment of Steve Rogers, the one, true Captain America. When I got back into comic books Uncanny Avengers was one of the books I picked up.
For a while.
I sickened of Rick Remender's writing style pretty quick and dropped this book and the new Captain America book that he was ruining as well. I didn't mind. They still were giving me the superior Avengers A.I.
Until they cancelled that.
Now, Secret Wars is over, except for books where it's not. And we are starting in the brand new shiny Marvel Universe where Uncanny Avengers have returned.
Minus Remender and plus the amazing team of Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman. While I am not a regular Deadpool reader, apparently Duggan has been killing it there. Stegman's art style reminds me of someone and I really like it so, this is becoming a win, win situation.
Here is your new line up, folks!

Steve Rogers
Human Torch
Brother Voodoo

I'm pretty excited about Voodoo being here. I don't see Spider-Man lasting long and why does his spider logo glow? Is he hiding an arc reactor in there. No idea. The human Torch's new costume is odd looking. I really love that Deapool is merchandising himself so that this new incarnation of the Avengers needs no government assistance.
Steve is fully aware that he must keep his team in the public eye and show that humans, inhumans and mutants can work together in harmony with one another.
Even when they don't.
This book reminds me of what Marvel used to be before the Cinematic Universe starting mucking things up. I like it so much I'm forgetting that they need to make Steve Rogers Captain America again.
We all know they will wait until just before the third Captain America film comes out to make that switch.
Am I right?
It's good to have an Avengers book again.
I missed them.