Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Officially sick of it.

I have read comic books since I was three. I learned to read from comic books. I love them all. The major ones. The minor ones. The independents. The mini comics. It's the comic format.
What I am sick of is this event thing that the two big boys in the industry try every year. They attempt to re imagine their respective universes.
And what happens, say six months later?
(Say it with me)
Everything goes back to the way it was.
Simple, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
We are talking about characters that have been around for a very long time.
When Marvel and DC make movies of their characters they don't go with whatever they are screwing up at the moment. They go with the original.
Because they know it's what the readers want.
We don't want re imaginings, we want what we have always had.
The original characters in great stories.
The companies need to realize that we read for the stories.
They need to write better stories, not shake things up.
DC is introducing a new storyline that will streamline their titles. A lot of very interesting things will fall by the wayside. It has always been the risky stuff that made DC for me.
Things like 'Mazing Man, Ambush Bug and most of the Vertigo line.
Here's the story from Geeks of Doom;


Go ahead and read it. It's appalling.
The smartest thing that DC and Marvel could do at this point would be to develop electronic comic readers exclusive to their companies where people could subscribe to comics, get exclusive downloads and read more comics.
And still print comics because old fuddy duddys like myself love the printed stuff.
So, in the end; stop with the event crap, write better stories, don;t forget what got you there and try out this new gizmo I suggested.

As for me? I'm going to go read some old Iron Man with George Tuska art. I loves me some George Tuska art.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I really love comics. The unfortunate part is that if I love a series that is new, it doesn't have long for this world.
DEVIL DINOSAUR, MACHINE MAN, NIGHT FORCE and, of course, XOMBI. I always thought it was a smart, funny book that is more of a antihero kind of story.
Anyway, I read them all and they cancelled it anyway.
Well, good news. It's back and it's great. I like that they have let David continue to be doing things while his comic book has been gone. He has been examining what he is and is able to affect his environment more than ever before.
Things from the old series like the unlikely duo Nun Of The Above and Catholic Girl along with an interesting creature called a Rustling Husk that is created with the souls of insects that die trapped in between windows.
The new series has a group of creatures that run a cult and they are made of old bible tracts and political manifestos.
Like I said...interesting.
I have read the first two books and hope that it sticks around for a very long time.
But, I'm not holding my breath.


So, I've watched the first three episodes of Doctor Who.
I have some complaints.
That new opening where Amy Pond tells us of her adventures with The Doctor is rubbish. It's Doctor Who, not Amy Pond.
And this new thing where some weird looking woman looks through a portal and only Amy can see her and she says something cryptic is also rubbish.
Oh and always attempting to kill of Rory is getting demon dull.
The two part opener..bah!
The pirates episode was fun though and very original.
The continuing subplot thing has got to go.