Saturday, May 7, 2011


So, I've watched the first three episodes of Doctor Who.
I have some complaints.
That new opening where Amy Pond tells us of her adventures with The Doctor is rubbish. It's Doctor Who, not Amy Pond.
And this new thing where some weird looking woman looks through a portal and only Amy can see her and she says something cryptic is also rubbish.
Oh and always attempting to kill of Rory is getting demon dull.
The two part opener..bah!
The pirates episode was fun though and very original.
The continuing subplot thing has got to go.


S. W. Miller said...

Man you bitch more than a pissy old hag! I have to commend them for trying something a little fresh after how ever many years with the Amy opening because I do see this season as having an awful lot to do with her and her time-line (besides, she's friggin cute and more of her is ALWAYS better!) I do agree with you about Rory though: either kill him or don't. And lastly, that 2-parter was WICKED cool! It really set up the season for just who Amy is, the creatures were cool, and I always love me some River Song. So, just watch the rest and we'll see where it goes. Also quit bitching so much!

Douglas A. Waltz said...

Um, no. :0)