Saturday, August 15, 2015


 I still remember when the first series by Jack Kirby came out. At the same time as his Machine Man series. Both were excellent and classic Kirby. Neither series lasted long, but Marvel never lets a character go and both ended up showing up in the Marvel Universe from time to time. I always felt Devil got the short end of the stick.
But not lately.

One of the shining moments of the new epic crossover Secret Wars at Marvel is Planet Hulk. Steve Rogers as a barbarian with his faithful companion Devil Dinosaur is truly inspired storytelling. I will be sad when Marvel goes back to normal.
But, there will be a bright spot.


Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl.
No, that's not a typo. Devil's new companion is a small, African American girl who has adventures with the coolest dinosaur in the world.
I think this will work on a number of levels. Dinosaurs are big again thanks to Jurassic World. Diversity of any kind is welcomed with open arms by the comic buying community. The artwork looks fantastic and I think Devil will finally have a home with Marvel for a long time to come.
At least I hope so.
I really like that big, red, dinosaur.

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