Thursday, August 6, 2015

So, this Hercules thing...

So, Marvel Comics announced they were doing a new Hercules comic. That's cool. I like Hercules in the Marvel Universe. I seem to remember him being kind of an ass in DC Universe. Anyway, they were asked if he would be bisexual as is his nature in Greek Mythology and Marvel shut that down pretty damn quick. Hell, they even made fun of it and now everyone is in an uproar.
You know what?
Doesn't matter.
It's a fictional character. They have their version of it and they want him to be straight.
Who. Fucking. Cares? (TM Dan Taylor)
You don;t like it? Write your own comic. I have a mini comic called Thor for no other reason than 1.) I can 2.) I bring more of the Norse mythology version of Thor. Mine is a red headed asshole who incorporates more of Norse mythology and Marvel can't do a damned thing about it. Hell, I even make fun of their Thor in the process.
Heh, heh, good times.
Anyway, there are more important things in the world than arguing the sexual preferences of a fictional character and everyone needs to settle the fuck down.
In closing I would like to share with you my favorite piece of art in the whole wide world.
James Waterhouse's Hylas And The Nymphs.

For those unaware, Hylas is at the water getting water for Hercules. Hylas is Hercules' boy toy. The Nymphs have other ideas and drag him to his death as water nymphs are wont to do. It is an amazing piece of art and, you know what? Hercules being straight, gay, bi sexual or a God Damned Furry doesn't affect this painting in any way shape or form.
Get a life, people.

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