Saturday, July 25, 2015

Comics I Bought July 24th 2015

Usually, I got get all the pretty covers and hunt down who wrote and drew the damned things. Yeah, I got some great comics this week, but I really don't feel like the work. Also, if I don't remember the issue number were gonna skip that too.
Here we go!

I really like this book. It feels like I have missed an issue because I like to scroll through the racks at Fanfare so, it is possible. I'm not a big fan of the pull list. They are fighting this Asgardian Squirrel who is mad at the world. It is making everyone angry. The part where Squirrel Girl and her friends have a run in with grumpy Avengers is hilarious. I think I might just switch to trade paperbacks for this book. I keep missing issues or my daughter loses them. Yeesh!

When they announced Swords of Sorrow I was pretty excited. The concept seemed pretty fun and the more issues I read the better it got. I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any of the spin offs, but then I saw this cover;

SOLD! And, luckily, the inside story was good. The interaction between the two main characters is tinged with comedic flair and the whole thing seems to work pretty well. I wish I had seen there was three issues. I really thought it was a one shot. Oh well, I'll buy them. The Swords of Sorrow storyline has been a wonderful concept and I might be a little sad when it's all over in October.

 I was never a real fan of JL3K. I read a few of the first issues, but it didn't do it for me. Knowing J.M. De Matteis I decided to come back to the new incarnation. Two issues in and it's a really fun book. I think I didn't like that it felt like they were kicking the corpse of The Justice League in the far flung future. Now I realize that by doing so they have more freedom in the book than most of the outpuit from DC. Smart move, gentlemen. I'll be sticking with this book for the foreseeable future. I also liked the funny FAQs in the back of the book. Made me nostalgic for the old Justice League book.

I know I said I wasn't posting pictures, but this is such a pretty, wraparound cover.\

Still with this book. Steve Rogers, Devil Dinosaur and Doctor Banner are making their way across Greenland to kill The Red King and free Bucky Barnes. Fighting gamma monsters along the way. I have always been a fan of Devil Dinosaur and I like that they get what he is. He's a dinosaur that never loses. He is also warbound to Steve Rogers and nothing will keep him from his side. Nothing. I think of all the books for Secret Wars this might be the one that I will miss the most.

My other favorite book. The art reminds me of Bill Sienkiewicz and just the sheer insanity of the place makes me love each issue of this book even more. Another one I will truly miss. If there was  any way to continue the tale of Arkon as he searches for his beloved Polemachus I would like to see it. He reminds me a little of Elric. Plus we get Crystar the Crystal Warrior...well, sort of. What do you expect? It's Weirdworld!

That's all for this time. I'm doing it from memory from work and there is a thunderstorm coming which plays chaos with my arthritis.
Seeya next time boys and girls!

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