Thursday, August 20, 2015

SECRET WAS (Not a typo)

I remember when Marvel announced this big, game changing crossover event, Secret Wars. I think I worried for nothing. My wife says I do that a lot so, it must be true. The event is almost over, I have bought maybe three titles and enjoyed them and ignored the vast majority of things that Marvel has released. Kind of like what I did with DC's Convergence.
Hopefully, they have gotten this out of their system and we can just have normal comic books again.
Yeah, I don't believe it either.
And, since Rick Remender quit I can buy Uncanny Avengers again.
Just counting the days until they realize that the new Captain America is dumb and we can have Steve Rogers back again.
Probably about the same time that the new Captain America movie comes out.
(Feel free to insert sarcasm anywhere you see fit. It really goes anywhere.)

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