Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Adding To The Hate

See, I have complained about the site Comics Alliance time and time again. Yeah, I know, if you don;t like it, don't go. I get that. Now, they have this comic strip that subjects the new Avengers movie to the Bechdel Test. (I'm not explaining the test, look it up yourselves...slackers!) Would any super hero pass the test? I'm going to, without any research whatsoever, say no.

Here's a link to the strip;

It's probably located in the near vicinity of this page;

I'll bet this page won't pass the Bechdel test either. :)

And I know this guy won't ever pass it. Seems that giving an artist PTSD automatically excludes you from the list for life;

This is especially rich in that when it was discovered what he had done Comics Alliance said he was gone. There are deaths in the Marvel Universe that lasted longer than Sims' being 'gone'.

I think instead of ignoring the site I'm gonna visit every day and then just post here whenever they start up with their mixed message grab bag of agendas.

Comics Alliance. If they are the Alliance I'm joining up with the rebels.

Hey! That was kinda funny!

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