Monday, May 18, 2015

Secret Wars: A Conspiracy Theory

Okay, we all know that the Marvel Universe has been around for 75 years. Not once have they tried a reboot like DC Comics does on annual basis. Now, they say that everything dies?!?! Well, sure, but these are fictional characters and we have cared about them for a long time.
And now they're all dead???
Just like that??
Way to build goodwill for your fan base, Marvel!
Anyway, this is obviously housekeeping to try and line things up more with the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Disney wants to make them acres and acres of money. If they can convince a movie goer to pick up a comic book because it's just like the movie, then they can make more money off the movie going public.

I'm going to insert an old man BAH! here right now.


I'm going to guess that what Marvel is doing is streamlining things. They have this one guy who has been writing Avengers for the last two years, I think his name is Hickman...who cares? Anyway, he has been orchestrating the whole plot of this for the entire time and now it has blossomed out of control into this huge mess.


If everyone dies, who are all these superheroes?
I have yet to get an answer to this and I think Marvel is betting on us buying the comics to find out.
Yeah, not gonna happen.
I'll wait until yet another giant, mindless crossover is finished, check what has happened, if anything, and then see if Marvel can give me a Captain America comic book I'm willing to read.
It has been years.


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