Friday, May 8, 2015

Howard The Dud

I was so excited when one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe was getting his own book again. Howard The Duck is the only comic book I ever had a subscription to.
Yeah, I really do not like this new Howard book. I understand that the Guardians of the Galaxy movie made it happen and that led to some Guardians team up stuff.
I'm fine with that.
I just don't think that the guy writing it gets it. Also, not a huge fan of the art. We already have a Squirrel Girl comic book. This feels like it's trying to do that. Howard deserves to be Howard.
This isn't my Howard.
I can't justify paying four bucks for things I don't like.
This sucks.
I felt like adding to this little stub of an article. I think the problem is that I was with Howard from the beginning. Howard The Duck is the only comic book I ever had a mail subscription to. I read every issue multiple times. When it became a black and white magazine I read it.
Since then they have tried to give us more Howard The Duck from time to time. There was a Marvel MAX series that I liked. Then there was that Fear Itself that gave me Howard and Man-Thing and that was also pretty good.
I think I know the problem;
It's not Howard The Duck I have such an affection for.
It's Steve Gerber.
His run on Man-Thing, The Defenders, Howard The Duck.
It's like how I can read anything by Frank Herbert beyond his Dune series. Phillip K. Dick with everything he has written.
It's an affection for particular authors that is the problem.
This is a good thing in that I know what I like.
It's bad in that the three examples I gave are people who have shuffled off this mortal coil.
Their work is finite.
I think that's what sucks the most for me.
Well, and that I don;t think Chip gets Howard. That still holds true and I have no problem skipping this newest incarnation altogether.
There! I fell better.
Kind of. 


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