Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Just when you thought that that was all there was with the release of the seasons of Dukes Of Hazzard and the release of the revamped, and horribly inferior, series based on the original, comes the completion for all true Hazzard completists. That's right, it's the two movies that went a little like this;

The Dukes of Hazzard series originally aired on CBS from 1979 – 1985 and was #1 in its time slot for six of the seven seasons on air. Reunion! (original air date: 4/25/97) brings the original cast back home to Hazzard County, only to discover a plot by crooked developer Josephine ‘Mama’ Max (Stella Stevens) to destroy Hazzard Swamp and turn it into a theme park. Before the swamp critters can be left high and dry, good ‘ole boys Bo Duke (John Schneider) and Luke Duke (Tom Wopat) vow to put a stop to the plans and must dust off the General Lee and win a cross-country moonshine race to do so. The plot thickens when Mama Max stops at nothing to prevent the Duke Cousins from competing in the race, including kidnapping Daisy (Catherine Bach). Will Hazzard Swamp be saved or will Mama Max triumph in her evil ways?

The Duke Boys head west in Hazzard in Hollywood (original air date: 5/19/00) to sell musical recordings in order to raise money to build a new hospital in Hazzard County. However, their plan goes awry when their belongings are stolen and they realize their big-time recording deal is with some shady 'fellas. Russian gangsters, mysterious hit men and vicious loan sharks make the Dukes Boys’ mission to retrieve their music a bit of a challenge. Bo and Luke will have to use their quick wit to overcome the fraud they encounter on this wild ride.

Sounds like the new Dukes movie stole more than a little plot and tweaked it for their own satisfaction. But why settle for that when you can have all the original cast members back in roles that you know you love them in.

Penguin Comics is so excited about this release that we are gonna have us a contest. I've got some copies of this two disc DVD set to give away. I'll make it easy for everyone. Send me an email at and tell me the basics for making moonshine. The first set of people that do that get a DVD set as long as supplies last.

Man I feel like I'm in the General Lee when I do that.

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