Monday, June 30, 2008


From the Hamtramck Idea Men I have to admit that the first issue of this took me back before I cracked the cover.
It would have been the 80's and the coolest store in Kalamazoo was Boogie Records. A combination record store/head shop Boogie also sold it's fair share of underground comics. Having grown up on Marvel and DC in my youth and thinking that Vampirella was pretty risque, imagine my surprise when I discovered the joy of underground comics. Artist George McVey fills this puppy with eye grabbing visuals and stories that range from zombie bikers to cannibalistic elves. The stories are also a throwback to those underground comix of yesteryear. The artwork is amazingly detailed and any true fan of comix needs to track one of these down. Go here to make sure the creators get the cash in their pockets.
Then I got excited and immediately went to issue 2.

Yeah, that one didn't work so well. From the badly done mixed media cover to some truly amateurish art in the first story, this issue is somewhat of a letdown. The only saving grace is the story The Billion Dollar Caveman, but that's only because of the phenomenal artwork of George McVey. Maybe they could let him just do all the art from now on? I would buy it if I had that assurance.
So, Issue One was superb and very well done. Issue Two was uneven at best with the high point being Mr. McVey.
Oh, and one other thing. I have never been a fan of prose stories in comic books. Prose goes with prose and comics belong with comics. That's just the way it is. Personal pet peeve of ye olde editor so, take that for what it's worth.
I'm out.

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George McVey said...

Mr. Waltz;

I finally got in to post a thank you for your kind words. Thanks for clearing things for me to post.
I'm very glad you like my work. All I need now are a few thousand more like you. As Michael said in his 'e' mail, you can figure on at least one of my tales in every issue of IF-X, with an occasional solo issue from me. But, if you're really a fan, check out our PULP DREAMS title, which features two of my concepts in a back-to-back flip- book. Both titles are bi-monthly, so there's always a new HIM book to enjoy.
Of course there's my SISTER STEEL concept, if you like strong female characters in exotic locales. That's being featured in PHANTASCAPE, from Main Enterprises, out of Connecticut.
Thanks again for your kind words. I
plan a long future of creating & hope you come along for the ride. I'll try not to disappoint.

Talk atcha later & seeya in the funnypages
George (GeoMc) McVey
Co-Partner HIM