Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DARK CITY The Director's Cut

I can remember the first time I saw a trailer for this film. My first thought was;
"Is that Richard O' Brian?"
Being a huge Rocky Horror fan I knew I'd need to see this. O'Brian is pretty creepy in this flick, but Kiefer Sutherland manages to out do him in overall creepiness. While I would like to tell you what the movie is about I think that any explanation would ruin it. Plus, for those of you that have seen this, I have news. Whether you look at it s good or bad is your opinion. This is the director's cut so we have an additional fifteen minutes that actually manages to change the film quite a bit and make it, for me anyway, a little more palatable in the process. This is incredible stuff and deserves the new release because it is, in effect, a new film because of the additional footage.
And if that wasn't enough, you get three commentaries. Some behind the scenes stuff and a whole lot more in a film that has deserved this treatment for years. It's good to see that the folks over at Warner Brother's have done this for what is one of my favorite weird films.

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