Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The theme song to this show from the 90's is probably most memorable for it's theme song. Hit the right age group and most peoiple can sing the tune at the very least. But, is what makes a show memorable it's theme song? No, but it sure don't hurt.
Freakzoid tells the tale of Dexter Douglas who is swept into Internet land and beomes the wacky hero that goes by that freaky name. Freakazoid!
Thanks to the lovely folks at Warner Brothers we get season one in a great box set. This is a really great way to watch the show with a mini marathon. My family blew through the set in a few days and loved every frame of it. The comedy is in your face goofy and funny as heck. Spielberg put his name on this and you can see why. Like The Animaniacs, this is a labor of love with all involved. Definitley one of the better cartoon series to come out of the nineties and there weren't many.
Floyd The Barber cuts his hair. Freakazoid! Freakazoid! Come on sing it with me and go get this set. It's worth every penny.

Check out this clip for some of the fun with commentary included.

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