Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Warner Brothers has been busy! With the release of three sets of DVDs sure to appeal to everyone. First up is SHAGGY AND SCOOBY DOO GET A CLUE Volume 2. This second in the series follows our erstwhile duo as they fight the evil of Dr. Phineas Fives. I like the art of the new series and the idea of having a continuing villain is something that is usually not explored in the Scooby Doo Universe. Kind of a refreshing change of pace. Does it compete with the original? No, but what can? That being said, this is a pretty good series and the little kids will love it.
Next, with all the Batman stuff hitting us we get the fifth and final series of THE BATMAN. From the creepy title song to the vast array of villians with new, weird looks, The Batman is probably one of my favorite Batman series. I like the way the artwork looks and the storylines are always fun. This season has a lot of Justice League members in it which makes it my personal favorite. It's a shame they cancelled the series after this season because I really never got tired of this one. Something to definitely look for.

Finally we get the fifth season of TEEN TITANS. I love the anime styles of the characters and the wild, eclectic story telling that goes on in this series. There are little things that tie the series together as a whole, but at the same time you can enjoy every episode as an individual. Not an easy feat to manage and a definite plus for any series. TEEN TITANS is a personal fave at The Waltz household and the episodes rocket by at a dizzying pace. Serious blends effortlessly with funny, again not an easy trick.
All of these are on sale now and worth adding to your collection.

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