Monday, July 7, 2008


Tomorrow is probably one of the more significant dates for any true fan of Batman. Warner Bros. is releasing BATMAN-GOTHAM KNIGHT. The excellent combination of our time honored Dark Knight with the anime stylings of the masters of the business. Batman-Gotham Knight gives us a series of short films that are connected. It definitely exists in the Batman Begins universe. We get more information on Scarecrow as well as some supporting characters from the film.
The PG-13 rating gives the animated film an edge that is missing from most animated features. There is a scene where Bruce Wayne is volunteering at a hospital and the doctor is operating on a man with no anesthetic. It's pretty gruesome, but helps to show us who Bruce Wayne/Batman is and why he chose the path that he did.
The six short films speed by at a rapid rate and the running time of 75 minutes flies by in what feels like half the time.
DC did a good job with the first PG-13 cartoon in the Justice League film, but this one hits it out of the park. Long time fans will never look at Batman the same way again.
It hits the shelves tomorrow and I advise that you get yours fast because this one is not going to be gathering much dust. In the single disc, double disc and Blu-Ray options there are a few choices when it comes to what you get. Of course, if you have a Blu-Ray player I recommend the Blu-Ray version.

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