Thursday, January 22, 2015


A villain is grouping past incarnations of super heroes all in one place for a universe redefining event that will change the way we see comic books forever!
Sound familiar? It should because this is a description of both Marvel and DCs giant crossovers. Dc is calling theirs Convergence and Marvel decided not to try anything new and went with Secret Wars.
With DC I do not care. See, it has always been a fictional place to me. Metropolis,  Gotham, not real places. Besides, doesn't DC reboot about every two or three years?
But, Marvel?
See, Marvel takes place here. Heroes hang out in actual places; New York, Chicago, The Great Lakes. And being a Michigander I loved having a team, no matter who ridiculous, called The Great Lake Avengers.
Now they are talking about mashing a bunch of stuff together into something called a Battleworld and that is where the Marvel Universe will exist for the rest of time ad infinitum.
Until they decide to change things back because they aren't selling enough comic books.
And here's another problem; I think this might be an attempt to just phase out comics altogether. Marvel doesn't need them. They make big bank with all the movies they have and being tied into the triumvirate of Disney, Star Wars and Marvel does mean they don't really have to do anything. Disney never loses money.
Who knows? I might like it. I heard they are bringing Doctor Zero back. I liked Doctor Zero. But lately Marvel has been doing things I just don't like. I haven't bought a Captain America or Avengers book in over a year. That can't be a good sign. I find myself going more and more to DC and independents and as long as Marvel thinks its a good idea to distance themselves by taking away the Marvel we know and love then I don't see it getting any better.
Kind of a shame. 
Goodbye childhood.
Goodbye Marvel.

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