Friday, January 16, 2015


Yeah, yeah I know I already posted today, but there's this layout for the first two weeks of DC's Convergence. Some titles look great others, could care less. We're gonna stay positive and go from there and discuss the ones I might buy.


SPEED FORCE #1 - Wally West is back so what is not to love?

BATGIRL #1 Old school Batgirl and is that Doctor Midnight I see on the cover? SOLD!
(NOTE: Apparently I mistook some character named Red Robin for Doctor Midnight. Bummer. Not as interested.)

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 Shows a bunch of ladies of the DCU and makes me wonder if it's going to be an all woman Justice League. I might peek to see if I want this.


 JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #1 - I worry that it's not Giffen/DeMatteis, but Marz ain't bad. I'll get it anyway, but I'll bet it's not as funny.

SUICIDE SQUAD #1 - Is that Evil Cyborg Superman I see on the cover? Hmmmmm...


BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #1 - Oh yeah! And OMAC to boot? Sign me up.

JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #1 - You mean Justice League Detroit? Nostalgia tells me to get it. Nostalgia also reminds me how much I disliked this book.

THE FLASH #1 - Old School Barry Allen? Yes please.

SWAMP THING #1 - Worth a peek


JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #1 - If you know me you know I already bought my mind's eye or whatever.

WORLD'S FINEST #1 - The Seven Soldiers of Victory? I'm in.

BLUE BEETLE #1 - Charlton Comics version of Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and The Question? I'm gonna cry.

PLASTIC MAN AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS #1 - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's run down the numbers.  DC in four weeks will be release forty-four comic books. Of that number I am only really interested in lucky number 13. Plus the four issues of Convergence itself that I will probably get as long as it's not Age of Ultron or Future's End kind of stupid.
This will either rock or just make me sad when they cancel something I really like after two issues. I hope the Justice Society survive and they are smart enough to bring them back.

Check out all the cool covers and breakdowns for every issue...


UPDATE: I wrote this pretty fast and missed a few things reading the brief descriptions of each issue. That being said, I did find two that I will need to have;

INFINITY INC. #1 - I read this off and on when it first came out, but now that I know they are facing off against the post apocalyptic version of Jonah Hex I am so buying this one!

HAWKMAN #1 - I do loves me some Hawkman. Hawkman in the world of Kamandi??? Um, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally, there is a Supergirl issue that promises Ambush Bug. I might leaf through it at the store and see if it's going home with me. I think it was the Supergirl who used to kock boots with Lex Luthor when he had hair and she was a proto blobby thing. Man, that was dumb as Hell.

Sorry, one last thing. I hope these have a 2.99 cover price or I might have to rethink about half of these things. I'll pay that for the actual issues of Convergence, but the forty some odd mini series??? No Way!


Apparently the regular books are 3.99 apiece. That cuts my list in about half then. Sorry DC, too rich for my blood.


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