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Comic Review Round Up 1/25/15

I have a few entries for The Quarter Bin, but let's take a look at the new stuff first, shall we?


What I am considering a true extension of the film. Megs, he grand daughter of Kim from the film has finally met up with Edward. He admits to let something...dangerous loose in the town. Now Kim has to help Edward before it is too late and Eli does something that can't be undone.
I love the cartoony artwork in this book. It gives it that Burton flavor without just aping the look of the movie. I like that it looks like a funny book, but some dreadful things are simmering below the surface.
A great book.

TRINITY OF SIN #4 DC Comics $2.99

DeMatteis always does right by the supernatural aspects of the DC Universe. It is sad knowing there are only two more issues of the book, but knowing this it makes me wonder how he's going to pull it off. Will The Question, Pandora and The Phantom Stranger be able to stop Nimraa from destroying the DC Universe. And since Convergence happens shortly the worst question is...does it matter? I really am not a fan of company events in comics. We shall have to wait and see how this plays out. By the way, the artwork by Guichet and Gorder is exquisite.


If you told me that I would be buying a Wonder Woman book on a regular basis, I would not have believed you. In the land of epic crossovers and storylines that can take years to finish I love this little book filled with one and done stories. It makes me remember why I read comic books in the first place. The first story, Generations written by Michael Jelenic and artwork by Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder tells us a story of Diana hunting down a Phoenix Egg. Her nemesis, Cheetah believes the egg can grant immortality and a bloody battle begins. This is some great work with a simple, sweet story, great artwork that takes a tone that makes you feel as if you are in a blast furnace the entire time. Good stuff.
The second story, Not Included starts as a simple team up of Wonder Woman and Big Barda against Msieu Mallah and Brain that seems like a simple heist and ends up being something a little sadder.
If you haven't been reading this book you could do worse in picking it up.

AMAZING X-MEN #15 Marvel Comics $3.99

The first of a four parter called The Once and Future Juggernaut this deals with the crimson gem of Cyttorak and the god known as Cyttorak and his need to be in the place where people are. The gem calls to Cain Marko who most of us equate as Juggernaut. Colossus who apparently was also Juggernaut hears the gem's siren call and the X-Men, minus Colossus are on the way.
This sounds like a great idea for a story. I have bought every issue of this series except for #14 that was some AXIS tie in that did not interest me in the slightest.
I know I said that I was going to remain positive here, but...
The art is just terrible. It reminds me of the black and white glut where anyone could put out a comic book even if they were terrible artists. The heads don;t fit on necks. It seems rough and just...well, that's all I'm going to say. I have no idea if I'm going to finish this arc I will have to see if the story can overcome the art.
We shall see.


I have three that I pulled from the bins this week that I want to discuss

AVENGERS INFINITY #1 Marvel Comics $2.99 2000

Apparently, this is some sort of interstellar version of The Avengers. We get Thor, Starfox, Captain Marvel when she was Monica Rambeau, Quasar, Moondragon, Tigra and well that's it. I did feel sorry that Starfox didn't rate being on the cover, but this is pretty okay stuff. They go to save the Rigellians and it has that cosmic feel to it. Art by Sean Chen and Scott Hanna with words by Roger Stern. I'd read more of these.

AVENGERS #7 $1.95 Marvel Comics 1997

This is the Liefeld and Loeb Avengers. Avengers from a pocket universe when people thought that was a good idea. I got it for the exquisitely bad artwork and stayed for the introduction of The Lethal Legion led by a long pair of legs passing themselves off as The Enchantress. Sheesh! I am so glad I didn't buy comics when this nonsense was going on. So bad it's good.


Captain America with art by Gene Colan?? Sold! Also David Michelinie can't hurt the proceedings. I thought the weird part is that the story starts with Captain America sneaking onto a boat where The Constrictor is holding New York City ransom by aiming a missile at The World Trade Center threatening to blow it to kingdom come.
But that's not the real threat here. The real threat is a man by the name of Samson Scythe. Rich beyond rich, but after being in the war he discovered that the only thing that can get rid of his boredom is the sight of others dying. He prefers to have criminals killed, but then after Captain America stops one of his attempts he is excited to see if he will feel the same after killing a hero.
This is old school Marvel at it's finest. Colan brings a different look to what we expect from our adventures of Captain America. Makes it a little creepier than another artist might have. This was a great stand alone story with a bizarre protagonist. Great stuff.

This week had some great stuff. I am worried about Amazing X-Men, but, as I said before, we shall have to wait and see.
Have a good two weeks, folks. I'll be back then.

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