Monday, January 12, 2015

Comic Review Round Up 1/12/15


I have been a Squirrel Girl fan since day one. I even have her in my Facebook Avengers game. She is the highest level of any of my characters. Now she has her own book with scripting by Ryan North and cool art that reminds me of Adventure Time by Erica Anderson. Squirrel Girl has decided to go back to school and adopt a secret identity. As Doreen Green she is just a normal girl.
Well, sort of. She's still working on the normal part of her behavior. When Kraven The Hunter shows up on campus the fight is on!
I hope we get to keep this book for a long time. I don't care why Marvel decided to do this and I do not care. It is awesome.
Go buy it. Go buy three of them. Just do it. Thank me later.


Dejah Thoris is trying to get out of the prison she languishes in thanks to Captain Joshua Clark. An Earthman who knows John Carter and despises him. Captain Clark realizes that the only way to keep the upper hand is to have Dejah Thoris executed. Meanwhile, John Carter, Tars Tarkas and his ragtag band speed their way to Helium in an unfamiliar aircraft. It crashes and Woola is left dragging the body of John Carter out of the wreckage.
This series reminds me so much of the old Marvel series. Even the covers look like that old series and they are doing a magnificent job of continuing new adventures. Another comic that I look forward to each month it hits the racks.


The epic tale of the group splintered throughout the timelines brings us to Deadman, Madame Xanadu and Black Orchid who arrive in a place where time does not move. People are not frozen, but they experience no change in their lives forever. To some, like Madame Xanadu it seems like Heaven. Deadman knows better. He has been to Heaven and refused it. When their curious host wishes to experience time something dreadful happens.
Next issue promises that the group will be reunited, but that doesn't surprise me. I know that all DC titles are taking two months off while Convergence happens throughout the DC Universe. I might like some of it, but I'm pretty sure I won't like a lot of it. In the meantime I'm two months with no Justice League Dark. A sad state of affairs at best.


Actually, the quarter bin is fifty cents now, but it was the quarter bin for so long that it sounds wrong to say the fifty cents bin. So, my column, my rules and it stays the quarter bin.


A one shot from the mind of Grant Morrison that effectively skewers so many X-Titles from Marvel that were out at the time. Published in 1992 it deals with a super team of misfits and, as the cover announces, one of them will die! No mystery to that as they actually point the arrow on the cover to the one who is up for the chopping block.
It's Grant Morrison at his self referential, super hero skewering best with a plethora of artists to help him realize his dream. Ketih Giffen and Mike Mignola give us a Liefeld inspired cover. Even the column at the end has a little fun when Morrison gives us a list of potential hero names for future issues that will never arrive. Each with the little TM next to them so no one steals them. It is sad that nothing came from this. I would have loved to see what a hero named Diaphragm would be like.

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