Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I went to see this in IMAX with my buddy Stew, my family and friends at IMAX this weekend. (Stew's review is a little further down the page). I have read what people said. I have watched people discuss it on television. It is being analyzed to death. With that I have three, brief comments.

1. It was a great movie and I will see it again.

2. If a tenth of the people who saw it decide to go pick up the comic and read it, I will be ecstatic. If that reading sends them in search of more comics then the effect will be tenfold.

3. I would like to personally thank Jackie Earle Haley for giving us the best portrayal of Rorschach that anyone could hope for. If he isn't nominated for an academy award next year for this then something truly stinks in Hollywood.

There, that's it. Go see the movie, read the comic. If you like Alan Moore then I recommend FROM HELL, the comic, not the film. And be sure to find SWAMP THING by Alan Moore. Great stuff. I envy you the first time discovery of this material.

I gotta go.

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