Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MOONSHADOW 1985-1987

With all the WATCHMEN hype it made me think of another 12 issue series that was done around the same time that is, hopefully, more bulletproof cinematically than WATCHMEN. I am speaking of the series known as MOONSHADOW.
Written by J.M DeMatteis and painted by Jon. J. Muth, MOONSHADOW tells the story of the titular character and his adventures towards becoming a man. His mother was a hippy his father a G'L Doses, a speherical alien with a big goofy grin. Moonshadow, or Moon for short lives a contented life in a menagerie with his mother and a host of other alien creatures gathered by the G'L Doses. Moon becomes enamored of one that goes by the name of Ira. Covered in fur with a bunny tail and a bowler hat, Ira is a symbol of debauchery and when Moon, his mother and Ira are ejected from the menagerie into the real world, Ira is nothing but pleased. Moon experiences death, life, war, happiness and sadness through the twelve issues.
The artwork on these is breathtaking. The words are such a part of the art that to change the style of how it is put on page would be a disservice of the greatest magnitude.
When it was first released I couldn't wait for each issue. It was bi monthly so I waited two months between issues. Then, much later it was re-released by Vertigo through DC Comics and a final special one shot that gave us the final chapter in the saga of Moonshadow.
My lovely wife bought me The Compleat Moonshadow a few years back and I devoured it, my original issues long gone to whatever ravages of time befell them. The trade paperback makes it easier to lug around, but it has one flaw. It includes that special one shot issue.
Not necessary. I got all the story I needed with the original twelve issues. The closing chapter wasn't needed.
This is a great story and with WATCHMEN bringing about a resurgence of reading comics, you might want to check this out.
This is my favorite comic book ever.

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