Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Okay, after waiting a week with no 'Break' I got rewarded with one of the best episodes of the season. Michael is forced to take Gretchen and Tea Bag on as associates to find Scylla. Gretchen alludes to Scylla being something more than what we believe it to be. And Agent Mahone finally gets his hands on that rat bastard assasin working for the general. And her gets ahold of him with a crowbar. Definitely a nailbiter that leaves you wanting more. So, what does FOX do? yeah, we have to wait two weeks because of more of that damned baseball!!! I don't watch televisied baseball as it is akin to watching paint dry so, I have no love for the game interrupting the one show that I go out of my way to watch on television.
This is turning out to be as good as the first season, which was awesome.
Oh, and someone dies, but no spoilers on that one. Watch it and find out for yourself.

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