Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was so excited when this came out. Then I found out that different big box stores had different releases of the film. Target came through with a box in the shape of Shellhead's helmet. Ultra freaking cool, right? Yeah, sort of.
We get it home, put the kids to bed and Martha and I hit the hay. We start watching the flick and shortly into it it starts to glitch up.
I new the disc was right out of the package so it must be fine, right? Wrong! I pull out the disc from the player and check the back of it. Hmmmm, there seem to be what appears to be fingerprints on the surface of the disc like some greasy handed idiot grappled with it. In this case I am not the greasy handed idiot. I had delicately removed the disc while only touching the edges of the DVD. This was no my fault. So, I thought we'll just remove the prints with a soft cloth and all will be well. Yeah, that didn't work. The damned things are still there.
Now, we have to truck all the way to Target and return it and hope the ass who packed the next one wasn't a huge dickhead that permanently bonded his fingerprints to the surface of the DVD.
I realize they make a lot of units of these discs, but why do I have to get the one packed by the nasty, sweaty, greasy person who is so damned disgruntled that they have to touch it? Oh well, the case was as cool as my Optimus Prime Transformers box so, that's one thing. I'm sure it will all resolve itself and all will be well in The Waltz Compound once again.
I gotta go.

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