Friday, October 10, 2008


A few things hit the Penguin mail slot this week and we want to let you, the public at large what's what. Ready? Let's go!!!!!
First up is SCOOBY DOO AND THE GOBLIN KING. Besides being another in a long line of quality Scooby Doo movies this puppy (sorry about the pun) has a literal ton of celebrity voices. Don't believe me? Try this list on for size. Hayden Panettiere, Jay Leno, Lauren Bacall, Wayne Knight and many, many more are in this tale of Scooby and Shaggy as they try to prevent the second rate carnival magician, The Amazing Krudsky from turning everyone into Halloween monsters. Can Scooby and the gang do it? I'd tell you the answer, but that would be cheating.
Click on this to find out more about the flick and how you can go about ordering one for your very own.

Then it's time for those lovable little blue guys named THE SMURFS. This is Season One Volume 2 and it's more of those adorable little blue creatures trying to foil the evil plans of Gargamel. Really, if you like The Smurfs then this is the DVD set you want to get.
Hit this with the old mouse pointer to get that taken care of.

Finally for all the fans of old school puppet animation Warner Bros. have released the Rankin/Bass tale of that cold weather friend JACK FROST in a fantastic deluxe edition. I remember this from when I was a kid and these old school animation cartoons don't lose their flavor over the decades. Even my kids think these are really cool. (Yeah, I know, another pun.)
You know you want it. Click here to get that done.

That's it for this week of toon delight. Be sure to be here next week when I unveil one of the coolest box sets on the planet. Want a hint? Screech like a falcon and I'll see you here in seven.
I gotta go!

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