Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So, the entire family, Seann included journeyed to the wilds of Plainwell to watch this flick. I like the M-89 Theater because it used to be a grocery store. Probably the most bizarrely designed theater in existence. Anyway, the flick.
Nick just broke up with his girlfriend, but goes to a gig with his band anyway because his favorite band, Where's Fluffy, might be playing somewhere in New York City. The gig goes well except for an obnoxious drum machine and this is where he runs into Norah who asks him to be her boyfriend for five minutes. It seems that Nick's ex is taunting her about not having a date so she takes matters into her own hands. She has no idea who Nick is or that he's the guy who has been making these amazing mix CDs for his ex. She throws them in the trash.
Nick agrees to take Norah and her drunk girlfriend home, but then a clue to Where's Fluffy appears and they decide to look for the band. Nick's band mates promise to take drunk girlfriend home and they lose her in the process.
Now, all of them are scouring the city for Norah's drunk girlfriend while trying to find the ever elusive Where's Fluffy.
This is, above all other things, a teen romance. While we're never sure how old Nick is, we do know that Norah is in private school. Michael Cera makes his character a lot like his other characters, but since he's so damned likable, this works in this instance. Kat Dennings is gorgeous in this film as well as funny and is excellent in the role of Norah.
It almost comes across as a independent film. Almost. The people in it are sweet and funny and real in an unrealistic situation. Looking for an evasive band while trying to find a drunk companion is the equivalent of needle and haystack, but that doesn't stop this band of teens determined to do both.
Even the most minor characters come across as individuals.
Even my eight year old just sat there and laughed at the funny and was quiet through the rest. A true sign of a good movie if he's willing to give it his undivided attention.
Oh and Fistful Of Assholes might be the greatest name for a queer rock band...ever.

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