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I go to the comic book store once every two weeks. If I had more money I would go every Wednesday, but I don;t so, there you are. I have a plan to change that in the near future, but there ya go. Because of that sometimes I miss an issue of a comic book. That's a good way to have me drop a series like a hot rock. In this particular case it would be SLAM! and KISS. I buy enough books so if they can't manage to stay on the shelf for a measly week and a half then I must not need them.
Well, enough of the negativity, on with the show.


After many months of Aquaman getting set up into a war with the US the end of The Deluge has arrived. Black Manta shows us how crazy he really is and in the end Aquaman comes up with the perfect solution to end the war once and for all. It's pretty ingenious. I did like how one of the presidential cabinet called him Mr. Curry and Aquaman reprimand him and told him to refer to him as Your Majesty from that point forward. Ouch! Great stuff.


I buy a lot of stuff that writer Sam Humphries is attached to. I believe that his series, Avengers A.I. is one of the best Avenger books ever written and really deserves a second chance. Jonesy tells the tale of a little girl who has the power to make anyone love someone or something else. Now, because of events in her hometown she is sent to live with her mother in the city. Now, she has to deal with rolling garbage cans, restrictive rules and the subway.  The end of the issue does make it better. I love the cute trippy art by Caitlin Rose Boyle.


Their nemesis Nain Rouge, has been revealed to be the councilman who prevents them from doing super heroics in Detroit. And, if that wasn't bad enough, their Avengers liaison is on her way to their place to give them Hell fro getting in trouble. What could go wrong? As long as you don;t let hot tempered new member Good Boy guard the villain it should be fine, right? Wait, you did what? Uh-oh. Jacob Chabot's art work is perfect for this wacky team and Zac Gorman gives us back the good old GLA that we have known and loved, warts and all.


The Marvel horror book that no one knew was a horror book. The Red Skull has the team under his absolute control and now it is time to destroy every super hero on the planet.  Artists Pepe Larraz and Rodrigo Zayas are seriously channel Gene Colan's art style in this book. Writter Duggan is putting the team through a horrific blender as he makes them do things that will cause the casual reader to gasp. Hell, I'm not a casual reader and I gasped. Skull's endgame to reinstate the glory of Hydra is frightening and this book has been leading up to this forever so it's nice to see the resolution on the horizon.  

U.S.Avengers #2

During the FALLOUT crossover I read a couple of issues of The New Avengers and liked it. This team has the sense to add Squirrel Girl into the mix and now they have to deal with a villain from another time line. Luckily they have the Captain America that is the child of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones along for the ride so, it should be too bad, right? I was also impressed how it explained the necessity of Civil War 2. Al Ewing has just plunged right into the mix in the second issue which is awesome and Paco MEdina and Juan Vlasco give us some awesome artwork to go with what could be the best new book out of Marvel in a long time.


We end the four issue mini series with The Star God finally getting what comes to him. Groo gets in battle after battle while eating all the food in sight. Groo is one of those things from the old days of comics. It looks exactly and sounds exactly like it did decades ago when it was first introduced. This is a good thing. I'll go so far as to say it's a great thing. It's like that comfortable pair of shoes that you slip into and just say, ahhh. You know what you're getting into and it's awesome. I loves me some Groo.


Doreen is turning 20 so it's time for an origin story flashback the likes of which we have never seen before. Seriously, we get to see her second mission where she saves the Hulk. We see that Doreen always was a hero she just need a squirrel to let her know it. Also there is an awesome birthday party and I'm a little sad that we don;t know what Loki brought her as a present. I've been onboard with this book since the beginning. It's always a good time even when it irritates me. I like that Marvel has kept this quirky thing around for so long.


Speaking of books that have been around way longer than I thought they would. I give you this. Over a year of awesome adventures. I have no idea why they haven't cancelled the book, but I'm glad it's still here. We get the finale to the huge Black Cat storyline and they settle her ability to enslave peoples minds once and for all. It's another case of perfect writing meeting perfect art. I love when that happens.


I have every issue of the old series in bound Essentials issues. I have read them multiple times. I am so happy that there are Netflix series with these guys and this book. This awesome amazing book. Even if you don't like this book you should go grab the recent Christmas Special. It is awesome. There's a war going down in Harlem and everyone is affected. Tombstone says he has an answer, He does and it's literally the worst plan ever. Everyone gets seriously affected by the events in Harlem Burns and the Heroes for Hire decide to increase their roster to take care of business.


The adventures of the Ninth Doctor continue as they travel to 17th century Brazil to find out the secret of an old picture of Jack. They walk straight into a fight with slavers and natives and what appears to be a mermaid. I always liked when Doctor Who came back and I thought Eccelston needed more time as a Doctor. I am so glad for this book and it's continuing the adventures of the Ninth Doctor.


Hal is back from the dead and headed to help The Corps with the assistance of Kyle Rayner, The White Lantern and the last remaining people of OA. The Yellow and Green Lanterns are battling the collective forces of Larfleeze, The Orange Lantern and are terribly outnumbered. Then Brainiac does the one thing that can bring fear to the heart of an Orange Lantern. Loss. Specifically, the loss of his stuff. Giving the lanterns the edge they need to win the day.
With the spectacular art of Ethan Van Scriver we get the end of the most recent storyline and a lead in to what might be the best thing ever. Yellow and Green working together. This is the superior of the Green Lantern books being done right now. It feels like classic Green Lantern while embracing all lantern stuff that has gone before. And isn't that what Rebirth is all about?


The team is still on the run and on the road. Velma discovers exactly what is going on and, while we don't know what it is yet, it breaks her heart. We have guest artists this issue which actually works. Ron Wagner and Bill Reinhold give us their own vibe and because the team is stuck in Suburbia, it works really well. The back up story with Scrappy Doo is nothing less than heartbreaking. Of all the Hanna Barbera reboots this one is the most original while giving us the classic vibe of what Scooby Doo has always been; taking out the monsters and revealing the actual evil within.

'Still recovering from the effects of recent issues, Green Arrow is forced to go toe to toe with a band of vigilantes named Vice Squad who have broken into prison to kill every prisoner to relieve the financial burden of tax payers. The art by Juan Ferreya is breathtaking and looks like a painting. The story deals with street level crime which is what Green Arrow was always supposed to be about. It's a great book.


Of the Young Animal Imprint, this is my favorite book. We get an obscure character who is a Challengers of the Unknown knock off to begin with and then the cool art by Michael Avon Oeming that just screams Vertigo! Cave has gone back to the cave people to deliver horrible news while forces mount to destroy Cave once and for all. The final panel might be one of the most disturbing things I have seen in a long time. So, classic Vertigo at work. I couldn't be happier.


It is time for the return of what helps to make The Flash great; his Rogues. We find out that since they have disappeared from Central City he has been looking for them, hunting every clue, finding out what their plan is. The book reminds me of the old days when it was The Flash finding the clues like a great detective and hunting down and stopping the bad guys from whatever they were up to. In this case it seems to be a heist. Another case where DC has embraced the past and manages to give us a cooler future in comics.

CAGE! #4

And the epic mini series comes to an end. Genndy Tartakovsky giving us his best blaxploitation merged with the bizarre feel of Samurai Jack. Cage is the last man standing in the gladiator pits of Dr. Soos. And the prize is the worst fight of his life. Will he make it? Will he get to go home? Read the book. I might actually get the trade of this as it reads like such a great big one shot. With this, the Netflix series and the new Powerman Iron Fist book it is a good time to be a fan of Luke Cage. A shame it's just these four books.


The natives have settled on Skull Island and have brought Kong with them. Kong is getting used to the idea of being among dinosaurs and predators that can give her a run for her money. Yeah, see Kong is the name of the species and this lucky lady is from the Kong you have come to know and loves, past. This is obviously setting up the new film out this year, but I heard that was supposed to be over in six issues. This is issue seven so they must have decided to keep going which is great. We get so much background to a legendary film monster. This is the back story that any true fan of King Kong really wanted.


I saved this one for last. I have something negative to get out of the way first and then we will continue. 4.99 for a book is too much. Marvel, you know this thing has built in fans. There are the crossover junkies that have to have everything so, it's a done deal. Seems a little pricey.
Now, the book is classic Marvel. There are huge monsters attacking every major city on the planet and all the teams in Marvel have gone to take on the threat. Everyone who complains about the heroes fighting each other thing that has been so prevalent lately is out the window. Earth has a monster problem and luckily we have plenty of heroes to save the day. I also like that Elsa Bloodstone is back. I don;t know who the kid is who summoned Fin Fang Foom, but I'm sure all will be explained. I am happy to see a crossover in Marvel that seems made for me. I think the last one I jumped on board for was The Black Vortex.
Just unhappy about that price.

Okay, that's it for this time. Man, I buy a lot of comic books! But, that it two weeks worth so not too bad. See you all in two weeks. Leave a comment or something.

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