Friday, January 6, 2017


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Yeah, it's been over a year. Yeah, the sea of comic reviewing has been just as hostile. Over at my other blog, Divine Exploitation, I had an Epiphany;
Just because everyone else doesn't get it, doesn't mean we can't just talk about comic books over here, right?  
So, as I outlined in my most recent post over at Divine Exploitation, I will be reviewing comics over here again.
Sort of.
See, I buy my comics every two weeks because, well, I get paid every two weeks.
So, every two weeks I will be writing about the comics I bought.
See, I think that makes a difference. These are comics that I spend my hard earned money on. No freebies. Chances are if you don't see a comic listed it's because I don;t read it. So, no Superman, Batman, Deadpool, you know, the popular stuff.
Each column will be called My Love Affair With Comic Books with a chapter number afterwards. It'll be super easy to follow.
So, come back next week because I get paid today and my lovely Martha's birthday is tomorrow so, I'll probably read a stack of comics on Sunday.
It's good to be back.

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