Thursday, December 3, 2015


So, here I am at work. It's not busy so I decided to surf the internet and see what was on the news. Went to CNN. There was the horrible California shooting. I saw one of those year in pictures things and clicked on it.
Big mistake.
There was a shot of a small two year old boy, a Syrian refugee washed up on the beach. People walking around and leaving this poor child face down in the sand and the first thing someone think of is to take a picture?
Yeah, you call it news. I'll stick with the destruction of human decency and leave it at this.
You win Internet.
I quit.
I'll just write my stupid little books. Publish my stupid little mini comics and zines. I need the Internet for those, but that's it.
I kept this blog for Larry Stanley. I'd like to think he would support my decision in this matter.

It is 3/23/2016. A little over three months since I wrote this. In that time  I took a month off the internet, use my computer a lot less than I did and am still haunted by the image that caused this post in the first place. Add to that the increasing hostility in comic book reviewing I see no reason to come back here. Divine Exploitation will remain open. Go visit me there.

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