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So, there was a stack of new comics. This happens when you go once every two weeks. Ready to dig in? Let's hit it!

I do not remember when I found Adam Green's show Holliston. All I know is it is one of my favorite shows and I watch each episode multiple times. I don;t watch his movies. I've never seen a Hatchet or Frozen...nothing. But this show is the best. I was sad when Oderus passed on to Valhalla, but this comic is a perfect extension of the show. I hear they are bringing a new season to light in the near future and can't wait to see it. In the meantime, this feels like an episode of the show if they had a huge budget. I hope they decide this is a good idea and do more of them in the future.

After Civil War 2 Dr. Doom, who's face was fixed in the new Secret Wars thingie, decides to become the new Iron Man and do good. This issue explains why and some of the artwork in this is breath taking. I loved it when Avengers AI had a Doombot on the team. This is ten times better than that because even though he is Iron Man right now he will be Doom forever.

One of my favorite series of last year was Grant Morrison doing the origin of Santa Claus. Simply titled Klaus, it gave us the origin of the man in the suit. Now, this one shot gives us a little more. It explains why we see Santa differently depending on where we are. The Story telling is brilliant and the art work From Dan Mora is so pretty to look at. I like how he folded in other mythologies to go with the story. It makes perfect sense. A great add on to a great series. 

I have always been a fan of this group since it came about in West Coast Avengers. In issue three we get a new member, Good Boy, who is a werewolf who when he's not a werewolf, turns into a girl. The team has been told not to do any super heroing in Detroit, but when Mr. Immortal comes back from the grave, what else can you do. This is such a great, fun book with some epic art by Will Robson.  May it last for a hundred issues.

Since Volume One of this series, Red Skull has been a big pain in the butt for this team. Stealing the brain of Charles Xavier and implanting it into his own he has spent his time learning how it works and slowly infiltrating the team to make his dream come true. Destroying every super hero and taking over the world. With his daughter in tow they bend the will of Quicksilver and send him on a mission of destruction.
This has been a great book. Infinitely better than Volume One and holding its own with a team as weird as they come. They had me at Brother Voodoo and when you have Cable fighting a zombie Hulk you know you're reading a great book. I hope it stays that way and they keep this book around.

Because of Avengers Standoff I read a lot of books I normally wouldn't have. New Avengers lead by Sunspot was one of them and now it has become something new. Throw in Cannonball, one of my favorite New Mutants and Squirrel Girl and we have a pretty good team. I don't know who the Red Skull with a gold head is, but he seems interesting and I love that they have brought in the Captain America from the future that is the child of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. First issues can tend to be a little clumsy, but they move things along while introducing the team in a way that brings you up to speed in one and done. Can't wait to see where we go from here. They also do a thing that gives highlights of what we will see this year from the U.S.AVENGERS. Pretty cool.

I had to buy it! Look at that title. And when Jack Burton and Snake Plissken are sent into an alternate reality to save a blues singer, you know it's going to be a weird ride. We also are given a look at Snake PLisskens throughout the multiverse and Jack Burton might be one! I am interested to see how they are going to wrap this up in two issue. We shall see!

When DC said they were reimagining some of the classic cartoons of Hanna Barbera I was skeptical. Since then Scooby Apocalypse manages to do a great job while using a whole new story concept and Future Quest gives us a story that entwines favorites like Space Ghost, The Herculouids, Jonny Quest and so many more.With new artist Ariel Olivetti we get a look that reminds me of the old Doctor Zero from Marvel's Shadowline series.  We are also coming to a head with what started it all...The Omnikron and it's terrible plan for the human race. This is what the rest of the series has been leading up to, little tastes of all of our favorites. I would guess that next issue is all out war and I can't wait to see what happens next.


Barry and Iris are on a date and Kid Flash is there to make sure nothing happens to wreck it. Along the way he runs into Tarpit who is robbing stores, but for a great reason and Kid Flash has to remember being a true hero doesn;t always involve fighting bad guys. There's a peek into the return of Captain Cold. The Rogues haven't been around since Issue 2 so, it will be interesting to see thme in Rebirth.

Hal paid the ultimate price to get rid of Sinestro's Warworld and now the original Guardians of OA need Kyle Rayner, The White Lantern to bring him back. Meanwhile, the rest of The Corps are shrunk down by Brainiac and turned over to none other than Larfleeze.
This has been a fun book. I don't buy the other book for no other reason than to me Hal Jordan will always be Green Lantern.

See, my Blue Beetle will always be Ted Kord. Not a fan of the new one, but he's growing on me. If Ted wasn't in the book I don't think I would buy it. This is an origin issue so if people were on the fence on this book it would be a greatb place for new comers to start. Some body named Kolins does the artwork. It has a cool, scratchy style that works well with the book. I'm glad that Ted didn't stay dead. We always need a Blue Beetle.

Since the first issue all Aquaman every wanted was for everyone to get along. He's not a war monger. He thinks that Atlanteans and Surface Dwellers can get along. He is proven wrong in every issue of this comic. Sure, there are people that do get along, but neither group really gets along with the other. Now, The United States have sent their crack team of mutated beings, The Aquamarines, down to assassinate Aquaman. Like that's gonna happen. But, in their zeal to destroy Aquaman they give away the mastermind who is behind it all and Aquaman confronts him in the end of the issue. The rest of this particular storyline is going to be awesome.

Someone is setting Green Arrow up. They are going through the city and killing people with Green Arrows. The police are on his trail and Oliver is in a football stadium, surrounded by angry fans who want blood because they think he killed the quarterback. The shadowy figure behind the scheme is revealed at last. I kinda knew it was him. This is one of those books that nails it every issue and I look forward to as much as Aquaman.


I always buy the odd numbered issues of this because the even numbered ones are a year one story and since I just sank money into the excellent LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN mini series I saw no reason to get a new origin. Now, the year one ends next issue so I'm curious to see how things go. Especially since Diana just found out that everything she had believed for a very long time has been wrong. It's too much for her. This whole series has been so good and it makes Wonder Woman something fresh and new again. Not too shabby for a 75 year old character.

Okay, there's the first rundown for my buy pile. I liked all of the books. Naturally, or I wouldn't have bought them. I'll see you all in two weeks with what comes next. Go get some comics!

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