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So, there is a good chance that we might be doing a weekly trip to the comic book shop. That would make for more frequent posts and shorter ones. You'll know if I'm back here on Thursday. IN the meantime, here's the stack;



After a couple of months with no book we get more Doom Patrol. The issue with Negative Man comes to a head and it makes the whole character more interesting than he has ever been. Meanwhile Casey Brinke, ambulance driver discovers she is so much more and is out to find out her destiny. I have always liked Doom Patrol and the freaky issues are a lot of fun. The artwork by Nick Derington is phenomenal. I have no idea who the bad guy is at the end and am stopping myself from just checking the internet. I'll let it play out on the page.


We have finally got all the players on the page. The local super group, both Blue Beetles and Dr. Fate for a brief instance. We learn a little more about the Beetle armor and The Posse does a great job helping with the bad guy Mordecai who works for a bigger badder, unknown bad guy. If I can't have just Ted Kord in a comic book, I'm glad he's in this one. Plus we get investigators Sugar and Spike which was one of the highlights of last years Legends of Tomorrow title. They really need their own book.


This is the final issue against the vigilante team The Vice Squad and with the help of the police chief they take them down once and for all. But, there's more to this than what is on the surface and one of them pays for it. This is another issue that makes me so happy with Rebirth. It's nice to have Green Arrow and Black Canary together, fighting the bad guys. It's what a comic book should be. And twice a month makes it even better. I hope they can keep the momentum going on this one.


Hot on the trail of the Rogues, (And yes, because Heat Wave is on the cover, I went for the joke.) and he busts a heist for a priceless statue. The only problem is that with Mirror Master on the job not everything is what it seems. The Rogues have devised the perfect plan to stay out of the speedsters grip and even The Flash is not sure where to go next. As I mentioned with Green Arrow, this is another fine example of old school comic books. It's the guy with the super powers fighting criminals that he has known for a very long time. They all continue to surprise one another and The Flash discovers that not even his speed can solve every problem  A modern day classic.


After the long drawn out battle with Larfleeze and a wrap up last issue this is what is referred to as a fill in issue. It's a story of the Green Lanterns told by one of their own in the far flung future. They used to do these a lot back in the day and they were always hit or miss. In this case it seems that it has more to do with our current presidential issues than anything else. That is also a good thing.
Best quote that makes our current situation a little better? "Will isn't instinctual. It's never easy. But will chases away fear and rage and greed. It inspires illuminates, shines through the dark where evil things hide. But will needs help. You have to chose it." Not a bad quote to live by if you ask me.


Victor continues to try and convince everyone that he is trying to be a hero. Hard to believe when you're talking to Dr. Doom and no one believes him. When he hears that Ben Grimm is in Latveria he goes to find that the person he left to watch his country has done a terrible job. He also finds Grimm in bad shape and his mother. I really, at this point can not wait for the next issue. I'm pretty sure this is where it hits the fan. Such a great comic book and I like that even though he has taken up the mantle of Iron Man the ego of Doom supersedes it. One of the best comics Marvel is putting out. Please don;t cancel it.


Isn't that a great cover? The carnage continues as wave after wave of monsters land on the planet. There is a huge one that Alpha Flight has to take on because of it's size it would destroy Earth. Elsa Bloodstone is on the case and a new wave of extremely familiar monsters arrive to join the fight. That double page alone should be a poster. See, this is what comics should be. Heroes fighting to save mankind from things that have no regard for us. It shouldn't be hero against hero. I have never liked that aspect of story telling. This takes us back to the days when you could tell good from bad, wrong from right. I am still unhappy with the price tag and it will prevent me from getting any of the tie in issues, unless it's a title we are already getting. There's one of those farther down. I will have to judge the ongoing series on it's own merits when it comes out to see if I will have to add it to the regular stuff I already buy.

After The Deluge we have an issue of winding down. Aquaman is cleaning up his home town of Amnesty Bay and the rest of the Atlanteans are pitching it to help all across the Eastern Seaboard. I love the art here. Penciller Brad Walker and Inker Andrew Hennessy make this book look awesome. You need a book to wind down with and this is a perfect example of that kind of book. Yeah, sure, there's some bad guy named Warhead planning stuff, but that won;t be for a while and we can just enjoy Aquaman back in his home town helping out. Now if something would stop triggering his fish telepathy he would be fine. Right?


This is a Monsters Unleashed tie in. It is also $4.99. Are all of these books going to be over priced? I hope not, but I know that they will. Anyway, Deadpool is lured to a private girl school in the hopes of a chimichanga eating contest. But, the girls are witches and they need Deadpool to summon his satanic wife to bring their dead headmistress back from the dead. Unfortunately, they aren't the best at spell casting so they get Deadpool's BFF instead. Spider-Man. The spell kind of works and Spidey is slowly getting possessed. Also, there's a huge monster they need to fight.
The issue made me laugh. It didn;t really expand on the Monsters Unleashed thing except that there was a big monster. But, it was funny. We normally buy these for my younger daughter, Dandelion, so she will probably enjoy it more than me. Just shows me that the other tie ins would be a huge waste of money. Sorry about the negativity.


Apparently, I missed an issue so we picked them both up at the same time. Mon Girl lives on Yancy Street so The Thing comes to pay a visit. The new Hulk that I do not care for shows up because Moon Girl has proven that she is the smartest person in the world. This leads to a Thing/Hulk that ends kind of silly. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom is looking for Moon Girl. This leads to Ironheart showing up. I have had zero contact with this character and this encounter does nothing to make me want to go and read her comic. Also, Dr. Doom might be from another time period. I'm kid of hoping for a Doombot myself. But, they are going to need help so they pay Dr. Strange a visit. Fifteen issues in and not a bad issue. People used to mock me when I told them I was a fan of Kirby's Devil Dinosaur. Guess I showed them, huh?


So, Diana discovered that what she thought was the truth for decades was a lie. Even her godly mental abilities caved from this revelation and she is now in the booby hatch for observation. Meanwhile Steve and Candy have to contact an old ally and we will start to unravel The Truth about Wonder Woman once and for all. This is exciting for me because not only does this kick off a new story arc it is also the new arc for the even numbered books as well. I may be able to finally  pick up Wonder Woman every two weeks instead of once a month. We shall soon see. I have always been a Wonder Woman fan and it's nice to see them dig into what makes her who she is. The cover reminded me of the old Brian Bolland covers we used to always get. Great issue!


As the huge monster attacks the West Coast all the heroes come together. When Frankenstein Jr enters the fray it seems that they might have the upper hand. Too bad no one told The Herculoids that he's on our side. I recently heard that issue 12 is the last of this. That's too bad. This has taken all the heroes of all the Hanna Barbera action cartoons of my youth and put them all together in a united front against an unbeatable force. They should really consider making this a cartoon. DC makes the best cartoons anyway.


Knowing that their songs are better, the Misfits are forced to take part in a reality show. Stormer is not happy about this and that becomes worse when they decide they want to explore her gay lifestyle and her weight. The two things that actually define Stormer. This issue shows how the band was just starting and how reality shows are anything but. The Misfits came into their own in the Jem and the Holograms title and it's great to see them branch out on their own in a story that is definitely what makes The Misfits who they are.


The government has Blind Apple Mary's guitar and have discovered that while it plays some of the best music in the world, it is also a weapon capable of mass destruction. Since David Lo Pan has brought all the Snake Plisskens from every alternate universe to one place they decide to put the guitar to good use. Jack Burton convinces David Lo Pan that they must work together or die. Lo Pan agrees and summons the greatest monster of all time. It also happens to be another Snake Plissken. I do not believe for an instant that they will be able to wrap this up in one more issue. No way. Sigh, I'm gonna miss this book. It's so damned fun.


The Pussycats are off to Rome to shoot a video, have some fun and play some tunes for their fans. There is also what appears to be love in the air for Josie, but she doesn't always read people the right way. This issue grasps the jet set life of the band like it was in the cartoon and makes it a little more grown up along the way. Also, Melody might be a Sailor Moon. NO idea what that's doing in there. This is the only new Archie book I buy. I prefer my Archie and the gang to be classic style and don;t feel that the new stuff works for me. Hopefully, Josie and the Pussycats will be operating on their own and not plopped down straight in Riverdale. Now wait and see that will happen in like two issues now that I have jinxed it.


This is an 'exquisite corpse' style of story telling. Lots of different artists that tell a different part of one story. In this case it's a fan fiction comic book that details the love story of Kimber and Stormer.
This is a pretty nice annual. Slick, heavy paper and cover stock. Gives it some weight. I learned that the current run of Jem and the Holgrams will be ending with issue #26. While I have had some issues with the recent art work I never wanted the book to end. Hopefully, they will see the error of their ways and we will get a new and improved JEM book sometimes in the near future. In the meantime, this is like three issues worth of stuff in one beautiful package. I also realize that I have bought three books this time that are girl band books. Hmmmm, yeah, no that sounds about right.

One last thing; They put out comic book boxes with the Monsters Unleashed theme. I got one. They are super cool. The image on the other side is a Kirby picture. I may have to get more of these.

Okay, might be here next week. Might not. See you then. Go read some comic books!

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