Sunday, May 17, 2009


Martha and I made our yearly journey to Novi to attend the Motor City Comic Convention. It was a lot of fun and since they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I am going to let thse pictures speak for themselves.
Okay, a caption for each picture, but that's it. Tune in next week when I lambaste Carrie Fisher.

A trio of Batman villians

A roaming Star Wars monster

I am an action figure. Check out all the accessories I come with!

We called this guy Twinkie Spawn.

Stormtrooper and a big gun

The head of the Rancor.

A cool critter.

If you keep up with what I write, this is the yearly spotting of Captain Ree Ree. Martha is pretty sure that he was Twinkie Spawn as well.

Man, Poison Ivy must get cold.

Evildoers beware! Captain Ohio is here!

Where else are you going to see Mick Foley and Darth Vader together?

Coolest costume at the show.

Me and The Ghoul rocking the show!

A very nice homemade R2-D2

And we finish with a cute anime girl.

There ya go folks. Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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