Friday, May 15, 2009

Looney, Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie (1981)

Less a movie than a series of clever new clips to help meld old classic Warner cartoons, Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie, still works because, well it's classic Warner Bros. animation. That is always good in any format. The movie is broken up into three specific parts;

Part one has Yosemite Sam strike a deal with the devil! Sam winds up in hell, after he’s crushed by a safe dropped by Bugs Bunny. Satan however agrees to give Sam another chance so long as he brings someone else to take his place. Sam sets his sights on none other than his nemesis, that “wascally wabbit” and sets out for his capture.

Part two finds Bugs Bunny as a police detective who goes after a group of gangsters. The mobsters, Rocky and Mugsy, who in spite of being captured numerous times, always manage to free themselves due to some loophole in the law. Rocky and Mugsy capture Daffy Duck after they learn he’s capable of laying golden eggs and go so far as kidnapping Tweety Bird for ransom.

Part three, the finale, showcases a vicious and entertaining satire of the Oscars. Bugs Bunny turns Hollywood’s glitziest awards ceremony into a cartoon-star-studded disaster zone called The Oswald Awards. Bugs hosts the ceremony in which the nominees are the wolf from Three Little Bops, Sylvester and Tweety and himself. Daffy Duck however, gripes about not being nominated. When Bugs wins the award, Daffy is furious and challenges Bugs to a talent showdown.

Classic cartoons featured on Looney Tunes Movie Collection: Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie include Hare Trimmed, Devil’s Feud Cake, Roman-Legion Hare, Sahara Hare, Wild and Wooly Hare, The Unmentionables, Golden Yeggs, Catty Cornered, Three Little Bops, High Diving Hare and Show Biz Bugs. Academy Award winners Birds Anonymous and Knighty Knight Bugs are also included in this collection.

The release also has three bonus cartoons: Box-Office Bunny, From Hare to Eternity and Pullet Surprise. Box-Office Bunny follows the story of how a massive movie theater gets built over Bugs’ rabbit hole. From Hare to Eternity tells the tale of how Pirate Yosemite Sam digs up a treasure chest which belongs to Bugs Bunny. Finally, Pullet Surprise covers the action when Pete Puma tries to raid the henhouse Foghorn Leghorn is guarding.

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