Thursday, May 21, 2009


Last week, Martha and I went to Motor City Comic Con. There is a lovely picture spread below if you want to check it out.
Anyway, the big guest for the con was Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame.
Now, I have been going to these things for a little while and I have seen some famous people. Famous to fan geeks anyway. Adam West, Billy Dee Williams, Peter get the idea.
These people are always right out there on the convention hall doing the meet and greet with the fans. They are all very cool. This year, for example, Doug Jones of Hellboy fame was there and he was having a blast. You could tell that he was having fun.
Then we come to Ms. Fisher.
Wasn't her last big role in Drop Dead Fred? I'm pretty sure that after that it has been nothing but cameos. And the woman is really only 53? Man, the years have not been kind at all.
So, Ms. high and mighty Fisher had to have a special room curtained off for her. People waited in line for hours to get an autograph which was going to be 50 bucks no matter what. And there would be no picture taking. Unless you bought a fifty dollar ticket to have your picture taken with her and she was going to do only 300 of those.
What right does this woman have to make these kind of demands in the first place? I'll tell you what she has. Nothing.
Sure, if she was Carrie Fisher from twenty years ago and she had the slave girl outfit on then I might fork over some green to get my pic taken with her. But now? No way.
And the whole charging for autograph thing has gotten way out of hand. I'm sorry but when Warrington Gillette who was in one Friday the 13th flick is charging twenty bucks for him to scrawl his name for you? That is sad and ain't gonna happen. The only autograph I ever get is The Ghoul's and guess what? He doesn't charge for his! I make sure to buy something from him every year because the man is super cool, but maybe people could take a page from his book. Because guess what? No one should have to fork over a hard earned 20 for the autograph of the mom from Seventh Heaven or the guy who was the asshole in Animal House. I especially ain't gonna fork over green for the guy who was the kid who got his tongue stuck on the pole in Christmas Story. Darren McGavin? Sure, who wouldn't, but this kid? Sheesh! Give me a break.
And Carrie Fisher is the worst offender with her prima donna attitude.
Enjoy the lovely artwork from my buddy, Stew Miller and save your cash for good things like FunYuns.

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