Friday, October 5, 2007


So, went to the comic shop recently. For that full story read the Howard The Duck review below this one. This was the other comic I picked up. I loved Super-Villain Team-Up. It was an awesome idea. I seem to remember that DC did something similar. Secret Society of Super-Villains or some such thing, but Marvel's was better.
Seems that AIM is up to their old tricks again and have created MODOC. No, not MODOK, MODOC, Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing. Of course the process makes the recipient of this great power crazy and he soon has his own agenda to the detriment of AIM. This always happens so you wonder when AIM is going to quit trying this crap and get a clue. It's a little funny to watch how this MODOC keeps switching his name from Computing to Killing. Funny stuff.
Anyway, MODOK, I mean MODOC has got a plan up his sleeve that requires many super villians. We don't know what the plan is, probably get that next issue. For now we get the following line up of villains; Mentallo, Chameleon, Living Laser, Puma, Deadly Nightshade, Rocket Racer, Armadillo and someone I don't recognize named Spot. A group of widely different powers. I haven't kept up with the Marvel Universe so I have no idea why Rocket Racer is a stuttering idiot, but other than that it seems like a good group.
Now for the talent:
Fred Van Lente - Writer / Francis Portela - Pencils / Terry Pallot - Inker.
Okay, I know none of these people, but the art looks nice and the writing is up to snuff. I like the little quirk that MODOC has about switching his last initial from C to K. Pretty funny. Anything that starts with luchadores fighting is automatically good stuff and the rest of the comic is good. As good as a first issue set up can be. I did like the Mentallo vs The Purple Man showdown in Vegas. And the cute subtitle of MODOK's 11 playing on OCean's 11 is pretty good, too.
Now, if I just knew what the plan was. It sure reads like old school Marvel and for that I am completely grateful. About time they brought back what works.

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