Friday, October 5, 2007

REAPER: Devilishly Good Fun

Sam (Bret Harrison) is stuck on the overnight shift at THE WORK BENCH, a warehouse similar to our own LOWE'S, where he has been banished to stock and inventory duty with his cohort, 'Sock' (Tyler Labine). However, it isn't all just counting nails and re-shelving gallons of paint. Oh no, Sam must also discover the way in which he must apprehend his next bounty with his most recent vessel: a remote-control 4x4. You see, in his world, Sam is just an ordinary slacker who loathes his job and spends his days attempting to hook up with another of his company friends, Andi (Missy Peregrym), while hanging out and doing worthless activities with his best friend, the equally lost 'Sock'. But, on the flip side of life, Sam works for the Devil ( Ray Wise) collecting lost souls as bounties and, via his daily 'weapon', sending them back to Hell. Fortunately the local DMV serves as the way station between worlds, so all is well.
Sock knows all about Sam's predicament and drops everything to help out in any way. A true testament to best friendship there. So, back at THE WORK BENCH, Sam realizes that the local black outs of late have been occurring because the escaped soul is back to wreak havoc on those folks in the town who have removed his once-good name from everything in the city, including the hospital. You see, the soul was a philanthropist at one time, but activities that turned him bad also landed him in hell where he was made to face punishment by being electrocuted all day long for eternity. And as the Devil said, "That can really get to some people."
And so goes episode two of the wonderfully skewed series, REAPER. A battle between good and evil on a scale here to for unseen on television and brought to life by the wonderful assistance of Kevin Smith. Sam has become such an homage to the slacker life style, both in his whiny attitude and his lackluster livelihood, that he almost becomes a voice for today's generation. Sure, he gets the job done, but only at the insistents that he is not right for the job. But somehow, the Devil sees more in him and occasionally sees to it that Sam always finds a way. Even so, the Devil still gets in his licks. Oh, and the remote control truck? turns out that the antenna was a lightening rod. Smart move.
Watch this series Wednesday on CW7. You will thank me later.

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