Friday, October 5, 2007


I have always been a Howard fan. Heck, I even like the movie. Recently, I have been haunting the old comic shop. I bought the first issue of The Mice Templar and was hooked. Martha and I were out having Chinese food for lunch and I had the urge to look in Fanfare to see what was up. A lot of the racks left me cold or were too damned expensive. Then I spotted two new comics. Both were mini series and they were both favorites of mine from long ago. First was this one. Howard The Duck.
Howard is where he belongs. Cleveland, driving a cab while Bev tries to become famous. Howard is having dreams where he is playing poker with all the other monsters of The Marvel Universe. I thought this was pretty cool actually and was a little disappointed when it turned into a dream sequence. Howard has bigger issues though in the form of a couple of duck hunters named The Barrel Brothers. Seems they haven't been able to bag a trophy in their lives and now a duck is picking them up from the airport? It must be providence!
Let's run down the talent before we hit the critique, shall we?
Ty Templeton - Writer /Juan Bobillo - Penciler / Marcelo Sosa - Inker
I know who Templeton is and have a vague idea about that Bobillo fella. Never heard of the inker, sorry Marcelo. That being said it took me a minute to get used to Howard not looking like, well, Howard. The suit is gone. The hat is gone and the worst crime is that the cigar is gone. They may as well have castrated Howard. The face is all wrong. And they make Beverly Switzler out to be an idiot. Both unforgivable crimes in my book. But you know what? I've missed Howard and his sardonic wit. That little guy gets under your skin. Sure Gerber is credited with the creation of Howard, but does none of the creation duties here and that's a shame. The most recent six issue MAX mini series done by Gerber was a welcome return of our fowl mouthed friend. This, while still welcome fits like a bad pair of shoes. I will buy all of them. There will be no cigar because, let's face it, Marvel Comics is run by a group of milksop whiners. I love Howard The Duck. It's the only comic in my thirty plus years of buying comics that I ever subscribed to.
Welcome back Howard. I just wish Gerber was along for the ride.

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