Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dissecting the New Marvel

Okay, after Secret Wars wraps up the entire line will reboot with first issues and Marvel has released this image to correspond with the event. Also, apparently it's important to note that the new rebooted line starts eight months after Secret Wars is over.

Alright, we start out good with Phil Coulson. It's always good to have Phil Coulson in anything so bravo. Gee, you want to have the new Captain America (BLEH!) But have to include Steve Rogers BECAUSE EVERY FRIGGIN MARVEL MOVIE HAS HIM IN IT!!! Just change him back already. It's okay, we promise not to tell. Maybe fire Rick Remender because I haven't said that in a while. Ant-Man, I got no problem with Ant-Man, he's cool.
What is going on with Black Panther's ears? Those are stupid, Fix it.
Lady Thor? Sure, why not?
MS. Marvel. Never read it, don't care. People seem to like it and it makes bank so why not?
That Iron Man outfit looks like a 90's throwback.
The Vision changes costumes more than The Wasp these days. As long as he's The Vision I don;t care. Insert plea to bring back Avengers A.I. anywhere in this column.
I see a lot of Spiders on this picture. They still haven't explained what happened to Spider-Woman's chest. Spider Gwen is cool even though it craps on the original death of Gwen Stacy. And the Spider Kid from the Ultimate Universe seems cool so, we can keep him.

Finally, when did Turok become part of the Marvel Universe? (Apparently, this is Red Wolf. I remember Red!)

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