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Comics I Bought 6/12/15

With Convergence wrapping up as Secret Wars starts to build up some steam I made a trek to the fabulous comic book palace known as Fanfare. My wife was happy to see GROOT #1 which I would have to agree is a great comic.
Let's see how the rest of my pile of comics fared

A Secret Wars tie in. I remember the original story that is nothing like this. Arkon the Barbarian  who has been a bad guy in the Marvel Universe for decades is trapped in a Weird World that he did not make and is trying to make it back to his home of Polemachus. That would be great except the queen of the realm is Morgana Le Fey and she wants Polemachus for herself. The artwork is awesome, the writing is spot on. I haven't seen anything these gentlemen have done before and I really like it. I did squeal a little when Morgana mentions the Man-Things and their Swamp Queen. Plural?? Really? I can't wait to see how this plays out and if it will survive the Secret Wars.

Yeah, I know who Bat Mite is. That being said, I expected it to be funnier. Just kind of meh. Not good for a first book.

Whne you get Man-Things, Werewolf by Night, Frankenstein's Monster, N'Kantu The Mummy and some centaur dude and their job is to keep an eye on Mrs. Deadpool who doesn't marry Deadpool in this tale which makes it odd that they call her Mrs. Deadpool. Anyway, this is what it should be; self referential material by Deadpool's ghosts, Monsters, Mayhem and a quest that Mrs. Deadpool should never be able to survive. While I never bought Deadpool, this book has me hooked.

A cross between Destroy All Monsters and Orange IS The New Black? Hurt your head a little to read that, didn't it? Yeah, this is the second issue and creator Zander Cannon keeps making it work. I hope this book is around for years to come. Especially since Godzilla, Rulers of the Earth is done in one issue.

Is that Vampirella versus a T-Rex on the cover? Why it is. And the story keeps moving from there. The ladies that got their titular swords last issue are still kind of clue less as to what they are for. It was cool to see Red Sonja on Mars and it really isn't necessary to read the umpteen crossover books that go with this story. I am a little worried that there are only four issues left and that nothing has really started story wise to explain what they are going to do, but it still reads and looks great. Seeing Jane kick ass with her sword is worth the price of the book alone.

The Misfits in rare form are plotting to ruin a charity event where Jem and The Holograms will be playing. Jerrica and Rico have a date. Stormer and Kimber's romance is off to a rocky start. The best thing about this book that it is exactly what the show would be if it was made right now, but without losing any of the classic aspects that continue to make Jem a fan favorite from decades ago.

If you had told me a year ago that one of my favorite new issues to see on the rack was a Wonder WLoman comic book I would have said 'NO Way! Give me my Captain America!' We all know that there isn't a Captain America book for me out at this time, well except for Planet Hulk and that's kind of a stretch. But this book is just so good. Wonder Woman as a security guard for a pop singer and she fights a dragon in the second story?!?!?! There are so many other characters out there that would benefit from a one and done comic on the market. I wonder why more of these aren't getting made and am glad that this one is still around.

NUmber six wraps up the story line of the madman from Earth who has teamed up with aliens to destroy John CArter. Yeah, that didn't go so well for him.Issue seven is like icing on a delicious cake. John and Dejah go on a little adventure out into the wilds of Mars and John Carter is taken out by the Warhoon. They then decide to have their way with Dejah Thoris now that they have knocked out her super man.
Yeah, she proves that the Warhoon are idiots and just plows through them like a warrior princess or something. Guess that Swords of Sorrow thing is leaking into other titles. Such a great story!


Okay, this is the one. The best book I bought all week. Written by Heath Corson with art by Gustavo Duarte and Bill Sienkiewicz (Even though I couldn't tell) Bizarro tells the road trip tale of Bizarro and Jimmy Olsen. The cartoony art works for this really well and it doesn't take long until Jimmy and Bizarro find them face to face with KING TUT! I thought he was a Batman villain, but in this one he sells used cars and prays to Egyptian gods to give him powers. They do, sort of, and now he can fulfill his goal...
Selling cars!
I laughed so hard reading this book I had to stop more thna once and let me tell you who the new, break out star of the book is and who should get his own book;
Colin the Chupacabra.
Seriously, it is so good and the art matches with the story and, well Colin the Chupacabra. If DC stops this after six issues like it says on the cover they would be doing a grave disservice to the comic reading public.
So good.
Colin the Chupacabra.

Well, that's it for this time. I was amazed at how well I liked the Secret Wars comics I got this time around. Once again DC dominated with Bizarro and Wonder Woman and the independents continue to get some of my cash.
Seeya in two weeks!

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